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COMM1901 The Uni. of Western Australia

If you are after an easy hd this one is for you, but if you want something at least slightly interes...

57 minutes ago

ANHB1101 The Uni. of Western Australia

Very interesting unit but quite content heavy. As long as you stay on top of things not too difficul...

1 hour ago

MATH1900 The Uni. of Newcastle

Dave Thompson is amazing!! :)

5 hours ago

AMC100 Deakin Uni.

I found this Unit to be a fun start to an animation major. We were shown many different animation te...

5 hours ago


A really good first year law subject. Although content is dry, the staff do their best to make all a...

6 hours ago


As someone who has done economics for years and hated it - this subject is great and really interest...

6 hours ago


Really great subject :) Very interesting and challenging and Amanda is a fantastic lecturer!

6 hours ago


After watching every lecture and participating in each tutorial - both are a complete waste of time....

6 hours ago

GEOP111 Macquarie

Great subject overall. Some topics were too broad overall. Not too strenuous. Tutorials were great!

11 hours ago

ECMT1020 Uni. of Sydney

This was a great subject. Let me start by saying most students that do this will say that it's a kil...

21 hours ago

ECMT1020 Uni. of Sydney

This subject was a total killer. Peter's lectures were confusing, and many practice questions were n...

1 day ago

SLE133 Deakin Uni.

I found it difficult because I didn't do chemistry in high school. However if you keep up with chapt...

1 day ago

SLE111 Deakin Uni.

If you have done biology in school the information in this unit will be very familiar.

1 day ago

SLE010 Deakin Uni.

Easy one day course and the online quiz is straight forward

1 day ago

SIT191 Deakin Uni.

I didn't personally enjoy it but if you do the chapter questions along side each lecture it is prett...

1 day ago

PHIL3460 The Uni. of Newcastle

I picked this course as an elective, so the assessments were slightly different than what I was used...

1 day ago

ENGL3012 The Uni. of Newcastle

Interesting content and texts, which are examined in a way that will give you a good understanding o...

1 day ago

THTR10007 Uni. of Melbourne

Really interesting weeklong intensive subject at Southbank campus. Doesn't teach you how to act per...

1 day ago

POL207 Macquarie

Really enjoyed this unit. Interesting information. All linked together well. Essays were broad, you...

1 day ago

LAW459 Macquarie

Content was alright. Tutorials were well run. Don't understand why the lectures are prerecorded from...

2 days ago

LAW316 Macquarie

Terresa was an amazing convenor. David however, was hopeless. No lecture slides and his explanation...

2 days ago

LAWS256 Macquarie

Completely agree with the review below. This unit was shocking. Its frustrating because the content...

2 days ago

MATH1720 The Uni. of Western Australia

Very easy unit. Can't really say much else.

2 days ago

PHIL1001 The Uni. of Western Australia

This was by far my favourite unit this semester. Brilliant lecturer, very interesting topics of disc...

2 days ago