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ERTH10003 Uni. of Melbourne

Nice subject

1 hour ago

BIOL10004 Uni. of Melbourne

Content-wise, great. First few weeks is a repetition of high school biology before moving on to more...

2 hours ago

ACCT10001 Uni. of Melbourne

Had absolutely no accounting background whatsoever going in but this subject actually made me want t...

2 hours ago

CHEM10003 Uni. of Melbourne

Loved this subject! The lectures are great at delivering content and although the difficulty of the...

2 hours ago

CALCULUS 2 Uni. of Melbourne

Challenging subject but definitely manageable as long as you stay on top of things. Shout out to Pro...

3 hours ago

PSYC10003 Uni. of Melbourne

Having never studied Psychology before, I was a bit hesitant enroling in this subject but compared t...

7 hours ago

CHIN10005 Uni. of Melbourne

Its a tough subject honestly. you need to learn alot about chinese language and it would take you al...

9 hours ago


You will be fine if you are not the only domestic student in your allocated group.

9 hours ago


The game was confusing even till the last update. I just put in random values and it somehow worked...

9 hours ago


It seems like a lot at first but its basically the same thing over and over again. MyStatLab quiz qu...

9 hours ago

SLSS1001 Uni. of Sydney

Interesting content and lectures. Enjoyed this subject!

11 hours ago

SCLG1001 Uni. of Sydney

Thoroughly enjoyed this subject! Teachers are awesome and have a genuine interest in helping their s...

11 hours ago

ANTH1001 Uni. of Sydney

Interesting subject!

11 hours ago

ECM2IE La Trobe

Studied very hard for this subject doing every practical question in the textbook and still only rec...

12 hours ago

LAW2FPL La Trobe

Still terrible

12 hours ago

ACCG923 Macquarie

This subject is not as tough as what most people think. I got a HD for this subject which took me a...

13 hours ago

25741 UTS

A great revision on how capital markets work but somewhat perplexing for students who are new to it....

13 hours ago

25721 UTS

Great but difficult subject. Select the lecturer that you understand better: Tony is analytical, Tif...

13 hours ago

25705 UTS

The subject teaches technical skills and so anyone interested in Data science or a job that requires...

13 hours ago

25765 UTS

Core. Study. Get it right. The assignment wants you to have a very good level of understanding of e...

13 hours ago

PSY247 Macquarie

I agree with everyone else who praises Kevin. He is an amazing lecturer and honestly makes the unit...

13 hours ago

25742 UTS

Practical and not too difficult. Practise makes perfect, meaning you don't need to be a genius to ge...

13 hours ago

23706 UTS

The subject is only scratching the surface of what Economics has to say to the general public. Lectu...

13 hours ago

22747 UTS

I hated studying financial accounting but it is useful. Managerial accounting is nothing but easy ma...

14 hours ago

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