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COMP90048 Uni. of Melbourne

Use books for programming learning, the course is fast paced and if you don't study from extra mater...

1 hour ago

9781486021079 Other

I found course and book excellent. The assessments were challenging and thought provoking. I enjoye...

1 hour ago

BHO1171 VU

This unit... I recommend my fellow students to get some supplementary materials to be ready for the...

2 hours ago

BMO1102 VU

This unit was a very difficult unit to study. The final exam covers broad chapters to study. This Un...

2 hours ago

BLO1105 VU

a practical unit to study.

2 hours ago


I have studied accounting in a previous life and I thought this was one of the better way it is run....

3 hours ago


Unless you mention the theory your tutor likes, you have no chance in getting good marks in your ass...

3 hours ago


Unit run quite average. Lecture slides straight from textbook and lecturers tend to just read off th...

3 hours ago


Interesting subject as it is at the crossroads between qualitative and quantitative economic data. T...

3 hours ago


If you have done Maths Methods/Specialist then you will fly through this. If not, a lot more work is...

3 hours ago


Interesting subject however there is a big onus on the student to find their own way around. However...

4 hours ago

BIOH111 Other

C Maps were not only a waste of time but took up time that could and should have been spent learning...

6 hours ago

WHMF121 Other

Definitely my favourite subject so far, you get to really get into it and get your hands dirty.

6 hours ago

ASTR178 Macquarie

Do not do this unit unless you love...I mean love Astronomy!! This unit is unorganised and messy. Th...

15 hours ago

MATH1052 Uni. of Qld

The course is well structured, bcs 50% of the course come from the quizzes and matlab ( which makes...

18 hours ago

ENGG1500 Uni. of Qld

This is a great course bcs the lecturers are amazing. It developed my critical thinking a lot. Take...

18 hours ago

BIOL1040 Uni. of Qld

Biol 1040 is well-structured and give you lots of training on the aspects of communication, report w...

18 hours ago

MTH3140 Monash Uni.

Keep up with the problem sets.

21 hours ago

BRD202 Murdoch Uni.

Very well engineered Unit - easy to follow instructions - all 3 Assignments fun to do - Lectures int...

21 hours ago

ECON1001 Uni. of Sydney

Not pretty good. Especially for mini essay.

23 hours ago

MGMT1135 The Uni. of Western Australia

Not particularly hard, exam is pretty easy especially as it's multiple choice. Unit is pretty boring...

23 hours ago

ANHB1102 The Uni. of Western Australia

Biggest waste of money ever. Many of my friends majoring in Human Biology changed because of this un...

23 hours ago

INTS10001 Uni. of Melbourne

One of my favorite subjects this year! Really interesting content and Daniel McCarthy is a really en...

1 day ago

BLAW10002 Uni. of Melbourne

Good lecturer and relatively interesting content but bad tutors. Th tutes were vague and the tutor w...

1 day ago