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PHYS1001 The Uni. of Western Australia

This covers basically all the things in year 12 physics only with greater detail. Great lecturers an...

48 minutes ago

MATH1001 The Uni. of Western Australia

VERY Difficult. If you fall behind it is all you have little hope. Take advange of all the help you...

51 minutes ago


Could anyone explain more on what can you expect with the assignments? Boring? Interesting? Hard? Ea...

8 hours ago

GEOP111 Macquarie

Possibly the most boring and worst subject I have ever done - Actually considering changing my major...

23 hours ago

ACCY111 Wollongong

My lecturer is Sanja. She inspires me a lot about her teaching style and she does try her very best...

1 day ago

FIN111 Uni. of Sydney

The first part of the course is all about theory and most of my classmate feel completely lost. The...

1 day ago

FOOD2003 Deakin Uni.

Pretty easy content wise while still fairly interesting. Lectures could be boring and drag on, and o...

1 day ago

MIIM20002 Uni. of Melbourne

Brilliant subject that covers a lot of detail in an interesting way and is very well taught. Learnt...

1 day ago

BIOM20002 Uni. of Melbourne

Not nearly as good as MCB I'm afraid, but it's certainly better than previous years. The lecturers a...

1 day ago

PATH20003 Uni. of Melbourne

Not a bad subject, if you've done path before you'll find the theory aspect quite straightforward. I...

1 day ago

BIOM20001 Uni. of Melbourne

It's an absolutely fantastic subject! Easily my favourite I've ever done, although there is a lot of...

1 day ago


Did it online, really interesting content!

1 day ago

SCWK4003 Uni. of Sydney


1 day ago

HPS788 Deakin Uni.

This is one of the best subjects in undergrad, it finally feels like more than just theories and sta...

1 day ago

LAW312 Charles Sturt Uni.

Great subject! Great lecturer. Excellent weekly tutorials and online notes.

1 day ago

HSBH1005 Uni. of Sydney

Excellent introduction into developmental psychology and how it specifically relates to healthcare....

1 day ago


The more useful maths course of first year, especially for engineers.

1 day ago


This subject is full of puns, and can get you quite stressed if you don't pay attention.

1 day ago


A great challenge for anyone who loves maths.

1 day ago


Great course but gets quite fast paced after you get past the HSC stuff.

1 day ago

MECH ENG 1007 Uni. of Adelaide

Like Statics, but more challenging! It can be a difficult subject, especially if taken in Summer Sch...

2 days ago

MECH ENG 2100 Uni. of Adelaide

This is real engineering! Take part in the WARMAN design and build challenge, learn how to design me...

2 days ago

C&ENVENG 1010BR Uni. of Adelaide

It may seem like you've been thrown in the deep end with this First year, First Semester, but it's n...

2 days ago

PETROENG 2009 Uni. of Adelaide

Having a 2-hour lecture at 8 am with a lecturer who cannot get across what he's trying to say is a p...

2 days ago