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MHIS121 Macquarie

The lecturer was so knowledgeable and engaging, definitely the highlight of the unit, even though th...

22 minutes ago

EDUC105 Macquarie

Engaging unit, however I found EDUC262 much more interesting and way better as an educational psycho...

30 minutes ago

MHIS109 Macquarie

This was a fantastic unit. The content was clear and the tutorials assisted a lot with your learning...

33 minutes ago

SCIE20001 Uni. of Melbourne

I would've given this subject 4 stars, but one thing which annoyed me very much was how little effor...

38 minutes ago

ACSH100 Macquarie

Absolutely horrible subject, boring and useless. Easy to do externally and get a good mark with very...

49 minutes ago

GEOP111 Macquarie

A very interesting and engaging unit! The lecturer (Jess) was amazing, I would definitely recommend...

57 minutes ago

PHYC10007 Uni. of Melbourne

Most horrible and challenging subjects throughout the semester. Good luck.

4 hours ago

IMED3004 The Uni. of Western Australia

Path lectures can be quite content heavy. Anatomy lectures were useless- I'd probably use the textbo...

5 hours ago

IMED3003 The Uni. of Western Australia

MSK can be quite content heavy. Repro was relatively easier. Manageable unit provided you keep on to...

5 hours ago

DATA1002 Uni. of Sydney

Pretty decent subject if you know what you're doing, and have some sort of background knowledge

9 hours ago

PSYC10003 Uni. of Melbourne

Pretty intense start with neuroscience, but eases up from there. Lots of kooky professors which is a...

14 hours ago

ECOL20003 Uni. of Melbourne

Easy enough subject, the pracs were very fun with lots of field work. However, almost all of the lec...

14 hours ago

NIT1102 VU

It is really great subject to kickstart your programming journey. Moreover, it has got python; easy...

1 day ago

Psych1001 Uni. of Sydney

Way too much content.

1 day ago

UNIB20019 Uni. of Melbourne

I enjoyed the content and the various topics covered in this subject, such as Latin American music,...

1 day ago

PHRM30002 Uni. of Melbourne

This subject was well-coordinated with engaging lecturers. Shout out to James for setting the scene...

1 day ago

23115 UTS

Interesting subject to engage in for both those considering economics major, those who want to refre...

1 day ago

25300 UTS

Very engaging subject with interesting and very useful content.

1 day ago

sta10003 Swinburne Uni. of Technology

They taught me how to do the computations but there was no concept behind the formulas. So it was a...

1 day ago

FOR10002 Swinburne Uni. of Technology

Kahoots and Tutorial tests were incredibly easy. Interesting subject nonetheless.

1 day ago

BIO10001 Swinburne Uni. of Technology

Insane amount of information to be learnt. Very fascinating. Would have been more beneficial had I h...

1 day ago

PSYC1000 Curtin Uni.

This unit was very interesting and relevant. It is a great introduction into psychology and the tuto...

1 day ago

PSY399 Macquarie

This is by far the worst unit I have ever completed at Macquarie University. The assessments are mar...

1 day ago

ECON232 Macquarie

An interesting subject. This has a different feel to most courses. It is based around regression ana...

1 day ago

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