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MECM20013 Uni. of Melbourne

Such a difficult subject. You are treated like a real journalist and marked on the originality of yo...

8 hours ago

MATH1002 Uni. of Sydney

Professor Emily Cliff is an amazing lecturer! made everything so easy to understand

1 day ago

INFO1110 Uni. of Sydney

This course is not meant for beginners. The assignments are way too hard for someone who just starte...

1 day ago

CITS1401 The Uni. of Western Australia

Terrible lecturer, and the project is much harder than the actual lab, if you have to do this, make...

1 day ago

BIOM10001 Uni. of Melbourne

Excellent use of your time if your work-out session coincides with this class. Nothing on the profs...

2 days ago

ACCG614 Macquarie

great subject

2 days ago

LAWS1112 The Uni. of Western Australia

Absolutely in LOVE with this unit! Everything is so relevant to what you'll encounter as adult such...

3 days ago


Cindy was great as lecturer and gave great examples for each topic. Made it easy to follow some toug...

3 days ago


Excellent lecturer, very encouraging re: speaking and writing in Chinese. Thoroughly enjoyed the cou...

3 days ago


This was a core subject for me but would recommend to any student. Great lecturer and very helpful...

3 days ago

WORK3201 Uni. of Sydney


3 days ago

MEDI2004 Macquarie

This was a pretty fun subject. Marina is a great Unit Convener, and the content from week to week ca...

5 days ago


Overall, I had a really great experience. Rachel Burgess is extremely knowledgeable and always respo...

5 days ago

BFF3331 Monash Uni.

I'd give this unit zero stars if I could. We got the wrong readings and didn't get the correct re...

6 days ago

NURS5082 Uni. of Sydney

Current student and in short summary it is the most horrible, most disorganised, most pathetically b...

6 days ago

48510 UTS

Peter was one of the worst subject coordinator and/or lecture, the quizzes and assessments were a co...

6 days ago

MAST20004 Uni. of Melbourne

A difficult subject. Probability for statistics is much easier.

6 days ago

comp20008 Uni. of Melbourne

Badly taught. Almost everything is learnt by myself! Important thing: 90% methods required for assig...

6 days ago

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