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Lecturer knows subject really well but lectures are hard to listen to.

20 minutes ago


Lecturer knows subject really well. Great lectures. Reasonable marks given.

21 minutes ago


Lecturer who is strict about class attendance and requires class participation. Hard marker.

25 minutes ago

COMP3120 Macquarie

The unit helped me with web development skills, however most skills that will be used in the assignm...

5 hours ago

PSYU3352 Macquarie

Worst unit ever. Most disorganised lecturer and the exam was extremely hard

15 hours ago

ACCT1101 The Uni. of Western Australia

Enrolling in ACCT1101, I was met with a mix of excitement and trepidation, as accounting was a subje...

2 days ago

ENVT2220 The Uni. of Western Australia

This unit was ridiculously easy. Too easy. Well organised and fun, and my facilitator was a great ch...

2 days ago

CITS3007 The Uni. of Western Australia

Arran Stewart is the most boring, passionless lecturer I've had at UWA. He cared more about trying t...

2 days ago

ENSC3020 The Uni. of Western Australia

You are forced to learn so much in such a short period of time. The reason it isnt 5/5 is the assess...

2 days ago

CITS3001 The Uni. of Western Australia

This unit should be one of the most stimulating and interesting units within the computer science co...

2 days ago

PHAR2220 The Uni. of Western Australia

Need to put in quite a lot of effort. Personally, lots of extra researching was needed to thoroughly...

2 days ago

6408 Uni. of Canberra


2 days ago

NEUR30007 Uni. of Melbourne

The main lecturer was awesome and the subject should be pretty straightforward if you have done the...

3 days ago


Best thing about this subject was going to the KLC. I would 100% go to the Advice Night and avoid th...

3 days ago


Just a good subject and a natural extension from Private Law. Readings were manageable and the cases...

3 days ago


Principles of public law really scared me for this subject. BUT! I actually really really liked Admi...

3 days ago


I LOVED this subject. Cases were interesting. Assignments and readings were manageable. Some people...

3 days ago


Great subject. The cases are WORTH READING! Class discussions were always interesting. Genuinely int...

3 days ago


This subject was marked so harshly. They had a real opportunity to make this an interesting subject....

3 days ago


I didn't love this subject but most of my friends did. There is a court observation component which...

3 days ago


The quality of this subject depends on who teaches it. It is basically taught as an intro to contrac...

3 days ago


I feel like the quality of this subject really depends on who teaches you. I enjoyed the course and...

3 days ago

48024 UTS

The worst subject I have had at UTS by far, the whole subject is being carried by one tutor (davey)....

4 days ago

41039 UTS

This subject is very well run. It is clear that the lecturer cares about the subject. I struggled ma...

4 days ago

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