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ELEN20005 Uni. of Melbourne

Fundamental subject for those who need to pursue their majors in electrical engineering, power syste...

2 hours ago

COMU2180 Uni. of Qld

Useless teaching staff and an extremely disorganised course

6 hours ago

Hbiol1102 The Uni. of Western Australia

Heavy exam. Unhelpful study preparation. Tests memory not work ethic. If you haven't done human biol...

8 hours ago

200111 WSU

Easy subject

1 day ago

200032 WSU

Studying with the right techniques will help you to achieve HD or the full mark is 100%

1 day ago

26134 UTS

Straightforward subject that is definitely HDable, even if you aren't the best at maths you just nee...

2 days ago

ATS1945 Monash Uni.

Nick is a bloody legend. Engaging lectures and tutes, he really makes you want to learn and I found...

3 days ago

ATS1701 Monash Uni.

Dull lectures. Flipped classroom tutorials with way too many people to a room. Most of us sat in our...

3 days ago

ATS1309 Monash Uni.

The Global Challenge is positively dreadful to be perfectly honest. The content matter is slow and m...

4 days ago

MIIM30002 Uni. of Melbourne

Extremely in depth. Appreciate the medical twist.

4 days ago

MAST20026 Uni. of Melbourne

I think everyone should try analysis, it is very important, but personally I did not enjoy it (mostl...

5 days ago

MAST30024 Uni. of Melbourne

This is more of a course on Geometry AND topology, you will study lots of topology! It is a nice mix...

5 days ago

CIVL2700 Uni. of Sydney

Challenging assignments, highly engaging lectures.

5 days ago

EDUC105 Macquarie

The lecturer's delivery was engaging, but the content of this unit can sometimes be a little overwhe...

6 days ago

ACCG100 Macquarie

Lectures can be a little tedious, but the overall content is not difficult. If you diligently comple...

6 days ago


Really enjoyed this module. Doing an Academic Writing Tuneup course will help with this module. Ligh...

6 days ago

MATH132 Macquarie

A great continuation of Extension 1. A lot of the content is the same as Extension 2 content, but I...

6 days ago

COGS100 Macquarie

It was hard work and took quite a lot of study, but if you can get through the first few weeks of co...

6 days ago

PSYC104 Macquarie

Definitely got me excited to do the rest of my psychology degree!

6 days ago

BIOL122 Macquarie

Very disorganised. The work was easy enough to keep up with (staying a week ahead of the quizzes is...

6 days ago