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ECOS2025 Uni. of Sydney

Material isn't wholly uninteresting, but poor linkages between lectures/readings and assessables (es...

22 hours ago

ANAT3008 Uni. of Sydney

Don’t do it. Worse anatomy unit offered.

1 day ago

ATS1309 Monash Uni.

After taking this subject I now support arts cuts

2 days ago

ARIN2630 Uni. of Sydney

If might be a good subject for art students, but definitely not for digital culture students who kno...

2 days ago


My favourite course at uni so far.. teaching and content was great

2 days ago

EDUC267 Macquarie

One of the most unhelpful units i've done. They want you to write a classroom management plan when m...

2 days ago

MATH3022 The Uni. of Western Australia

Worst lecturer ever. David does well and makes great lecture notes that are understandable and easy...

2 days ago

SOCI20007 Uni. of Melbourne

practise radical self care by not taking this class

3 days ago

PSYC2040 Uni. of Qld

I loved this course. Matthew Hornsey is hilarious, clear and thoughtful in his presentation of socia...

4 days ago

COMU1030 Uni. of Qld

I found this course an odd mix of boring and useful. The lectures are not very well presented, altho...

4 days ago

PSYC1040 Uni. of Qld

From my understanding, the format of this course varies wildly depending on whether you do it in sem...

4 days ago

PSYC2050 Uni. of Qld

My views on this course are very mixed. The lectures were very informative and interesting (Thomas S...

4 days ago

PSYC2020 Uni. of Qld

Overall, I found this course good. I adore anatomy and was therefore extremely pleased by how much w...

4 days ago

PSYC2010 Uni. of Qld

Courtney von Hippel does an excellent job at explaining all of the many statistical tests you learn...

4 days ago

PHYSICS 1200 Uni. of Adelaide

It is very hard

4 days ago

PHYSICS 1100 Uni. of Adelaide

It is very hard, need deep understanding and practice

4 days ago

AHIS150 Macquarie

This unit was fine - fairly interesting content, but Kyle did nothing to help us. Be ready to teach...

4 days ago

LAWS1017 Uni. of Sydney

Just more laws of torts and contracts.

4 days ago

LAWS1021 Uni. of Sydney

A great introduction to the laws creating and governing our democracy. Relevant to anyone who might...

4 days ago

GOVT3995 Uni. of Sydney

The course is great, but David can sometimes be a bit too disorganised and cavalier.

5 days ago

INDP3000 Uni. of Sydney

Great to collaborate with others in a setting emphasising applied (but continued) learning.

5 days ago

CHNS1102 Uni. of Sydney

A great continuation on from CHNS1101 in first semester. Provided you haven't forgotten everything b...

5 days ago

CHNS1101 Uni. of Sydney

Amazing subject! Very informative but not too content-heavy and moved at a slow-enough pace for ever...

5 days ago

BBA102 Macquarie

I found this unit very theoretical and very broad. It is important to memorise each concept and all...

5 days ago

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