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ENVX1002 Uni. of Sydney

ENVX1002 is exactly the same as DATA1001 but is taken by Agriculture, Veterinary Science, and Food &...

2 hours ago

OLET2614 Uni. of Sydney

This unit is probably one of the best OLE units out there but should only be taken by students who h...

3 hours ago

OLET2612 Uni. of Sydney

I really would not recommend taking this unit unless you're looking for a bludgy unit that doesn't r...

3 hours ago

BIOL1997 Uni. of Sydney

A decent unit. Lecture content is a bit meh and forgettable. The first two modules are pretty intens...

3 hours ago

ANAT2009 Uni. of Sydney

BEST unit!!!!!!

3 hours ago


Well structured, fast paced and interesting. Some of the lab questions are extended are quite challe...

11 hours ago


A little harder than CHEM1011 in terms of how the labs are paced. There's a lot more new stuff like...

11 hours ago


Easy, straightforward and relaxed. Labs are fun and great, pass the labs just by getting the core sk...

11 hours ago

CSI1241 Edith Cowan Uni.

Fantastic unit for learning the basics of systems and how they function.

14 hours ago

ATS2063 Monash Uni.

I loved intermediate french - I think Felicity was great, her lectures were really easy to follow (s...

14 hours ago

LING111 Macquarie

A really interesting and enjoyable unit! You learn about many different areas of linguistics and all...

16 hours ago

STAT101 Wollongong

No pre-requisites which is great if you think you need to be good at math to get something out of it...

17 hours ago

ENGL1007 Uni. of Sydney

Really interesting class, not too boring and is easy enough to get a good mark in. Didn’t buy the re...

19 hours ago

LNGS2617 Uni. of Sydney

Easy enough, kind of average and the assignments aren’t too difficult either. Good choice if you wan...

19 hours ago

PHYS233 Wollongong

Pretty advanced subject considering it has no pre-reqs, but every concept is taught fairly thoroughl...

1 day ago

PHYS154 Wollongong

Awesome subject, taught very well and very relevant to modern life

1 day ago

PHAR1101 The Uni. of Western Australia

This unit has changed considerably from last year. Do not take this unit if you are looking for an e...

1 day ago

PHIL2002 The Uni. of Western Australia

I really enjoyed this unit up until the exam. I would have prefered face to face lectures, it does s...

1 day ago

PSYC3282 Uni. of Qld

A very enjoyable course presented very well by David Cowan, with some great commentary on the human...

1 day ago

PSYC3020 Uni. of Qld

Mark does a fantastic job of teaching this course, full of interesting metaphors, relevant compariso...

1 day ago


Such an amazing subject! Was so glad to learn so many relevant aspects and their connections between...

1 day ago

PHIL2643 Uni. of Sydney

The best DBM unit I've done so far! So interesting! Would highly recommend.

2 days ago

PHIL2642 Uni. of Sydney

A genuinely useful subject that takes a practical approach to logic. I would say it is kind of overr...

2 days ago

CBMS123 Macquarie

Loved how Damian, the conveyor was responsible, flexible, and understanding. The guidelines were spe...

2 days ago

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