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PSY114 Uni. of Tasmania

Incredibly stressful, I have never been in a class that has such a heavy workload and has caused so...

1 hour ago

MMCC3150 Macquarie


1 day ago

ECE140 Deakin Uni.

Good subject, useful content if you are wishing to become an arts teacher or ECT

1 day ago


Great course.

1 day ago


Would have liked to see more emphasis on programming.

1 day ago


A good practical course, with some sports psychology theory on the side.

1 day ago

MAST20033 Uni. of Melbourne

Hard, but really interesting and well taught. Highly recommend

3 days ago

MAST10022 Uni. of Melbourne

Great subject if you're interested in maths

3 days ago

CHM2922 Monash Uni.

Both the content AND organisation of this unit was poor. Cons: 1. The first four weeks (Mike's co...

3 days ago

SLE133 Deakin Uni.

AWFULLY RUN! No answers to textbook questions. Expect background knowledge even though its a foundat...

4 days ago

ACCT1008 Uni. of South Australia

Content easy to understand, if you are doing accounting you have come to the right place!

4 days ago

PSY1022 Monash Uni.

This subject was straight up not a vibe. The lectures would always be like 2 hours long which is fai...

4 days ago

ACCT10001 Uni. of Melbourne

The final exam is ridiculously difficult. Prepare well

6 days ago

FNCE10002 Uni. of Melbourne

Probably the most interesting subject in the first year of a BCom degree. However, you will have to...

6 days ago

ECON10004 Uni. of Melbourne

A really interesting subject which provides a very good introduction to Economics. While the Maths a...

6 days ago

ECON10003 Uni. of Melbourne

While the content can be challenging, the final exam for this subject is quite easy. The trick is to...

6 days ago

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