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Very interesting course and lecturer was so passionate and innovative

1 month ago


Poorly organised, lectures are YouTube videos, lecturer was not knowledgeable, most classmates were...

1 month ago


Absolutely abysmal course with no organisation nor any actual care to provide quality teaching. Thou...

2 months ago


Course topics are good and assessments are reasonable.

3 months ago


It was a great start to the course. It covers various areas of psychology and gives students an over...

4 months ago


useless lecturer and lecture note. self-study course. I haven't learned any deep understanding of th...

4 months ago


Best thing about this subject was going to the KLC. I would 100% go to the Advice Night and avoid th...

7 months ago


Just a good subject and a natural extension from Private Law. Readings were manageable and the cases...

7 months ago


Principles of public law really scared me for this subject. BUT! I actually really really liked Admi...

7 months ago


I LOVED this subject. Cases were interesting. Assignments and readings were manageable. Some people...

7 months ago


Great subject. The cases are WORTH READING! Class discussions were always interesting. Genuinely int...

7 months ago


This subject was marked so harshly. They had a real opportunity to make this an interesting subject....

7 months ago


I didn't love this subject but most of my friends did. There is a court observation component which...

7 months ago


The quality of this subject depends on who teaches it. It is basically taught as an intro to contrac...

7 months ago


I feel like the quality of this subject really depends on who teaches you. I enjoyed the course and...

7 months ago


life is awful if you get a terrible group

10 months ago


Excellent course with very good tutor. Very clear notes, and plenty of resources. The key to doing w...

11 months ago


Lectures are interesting and labs can be fun. The assessment of the course could be improved, and re...

11 months ago


Assessment is non standard, questions are not straight forward, relies heavily on students understan...

11 months ago


BAD! I wanted to do well and learn and was met with brick walls and a rude professor. Turned me off...

11 months ago


I was doing my thesis with Prof. Jian Zhao and got 89.5 for the literature review and 89 for project...

11 months ago


Honestly a good way to boost your WAM scores as part of the discipline electives requirements, but c...

11 months ago


really boringļ¼Œtutor gives really low score.

1 year ago


Don't do this course. I know it's prescribed for econometrics, choose something else.

1 year ago

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