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An improvement from ARTS2270. The lecturer, Charmaine, obviously took the feedback from ARTS2270 (sh...

6 months ago


It was the worst subject i've ever done, and the teacher had little practical real world experience.

11 months ago


Quite unrelated to the real understanding of teaching. Left me wondering why I just paid for that..

1 year ago


Very interesting class, lots of content of course but it's one of those subjects that are very relev...

2 years ago


This was hands down the most useful education subject, ridiculously relevant if you're studying to b...

2 years ago


I really enjoyed this unit. It was interesting and varied. I loved the change in lecturers as the to...

2 years ago


Assessment tasks were poorly designed and the amount of work required was not reflected in the weigh...

2 years ago


Amount of set texts was reasonable and they were interesting, however, there were generally unclear...

2 years ago


One of those subjects where you only get out much as you put in. The texts weren't super exciting b...

2 years ago