Does this cost anything?

StudentVIP Tutors is free.

But you have to pay the tutors - see the cost per hour for each tutor.

How do I know a tutor is good?

You don’t.

But you can use the message system to ask the potential tutor questions about their marks in the subject and their experience as tutors, or anything else.

Worst case, try a tutor for an hour first. If they don’t help, try someone else.

As a free service, we don’t have the resources to screen tutors.

What makes a good tutor?

Three things;

  1. A really good undertsanding of the subject. Good marks evidence that,
  2. An ability to explain it in bite size chunks and
  3. Patience. Not everyone learns at the same pace.

What if the tutor is really really bad?

Use the feedback button to let us know. We have the ability to reject or remove tutors. In the future we plan to add a rating system.

How long has StudentVIP Tutors been running?

It launched in January 2014, so its new. With 40% of students being members of StudentVIP, we hope it will grow into a really useful service.

It won’t be used by everyone, but it has the potential to create a new and significant channel for learning on Australian uni’s.

If you have ideas for it's developement, we are keen to hear them - use the feedback link.

Got another issue we haven't addressed here?

Please get in touch with us, we'd love to help! Email us at!