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StudentVIP alerts are student-related and worthwhile offers sent by email to StudentVIP members.

This is what keeps all the services here 100% free.

They are designed to be about special student discounts, graduate jobs, courses relating to your faculty, travel, and experiences that would be attractive to students. There's a huge range of topics - not all will interest you, but often they will. Support the site by opening and clicking on our (maximum) one alert email per week.

We send the email, so your details are never provided to the sponsoring organisation.

You never know what the next email might be, a job opportunity, a discount, a movie ticket or a new service you'll love.

Don't mark Alerts as "junk"

If you no longer want to get StudentVIP Alert emails, no problem - just, unsubscribe at anytime. However, it is a package deal: if you don't want the emails - then you can't access the free services that they support.

Also, don't tag StudentVIP emails as junk in your mail program. This tells your email service that you were sent the email without your permission - which isn't true. Doing this harms StudentVIP's reputation and makes it harder for all members to get any emails from the site.

When you mark emails from StudentVIP as junk, we are automatically notified. Because you are damaging the usability of the site for other members, your account will be banned from re-joining.