What is “StudentVIP Subjects”?

It’s the part of StudentVIP that;

  1. brings all the services we offer relating to your current or past subjects into one place and
  2. it allows members to share rating and reviews of subjects.

Why aren’t there many subject reviews?

2014 is our first year. So it will take a while for all subjects to be covered.

Help out - go find your subjects from last semester and rate them.

What should I write in the subject reviews?

Anything that you wished someone told you before you started the subject.

Try and make it helpful.

If it is an elective, was it a good choice? If it is a core subject, what tips do you have to help people get through the subject?

Why should I add my current subjects to my profile?

It makes using StudentVIP easy. You’ll see all the services related to your subjects in one place, without the need to search every time.

Why should I add past subjects to my profile?

Past subjects are opportunities to make money - to sell textbooks, to become a tutor or even just to rate and review a completed subject.

Adding past subjects to your profile lets you see all the services relating to that subject in one place without searching.

Are the subject ratings scientifically rigorous?

Not really. Make sure you check out how many people rated the subject. Less than 10 ratings and you might be sceptical. And not everyone’s comment will be helpful. But… we think our current system is easy to use and much better than students having no information at all.

This is our first year for the service. Please use the feedback page to suggest ideas to improve it.

Got another issue we haven't addressed here?

Please get in touch with us, we'd love to help! Email us at support@studentvip.com.au!