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Babs was disgusting, other components were great...

3 months ago


Co-ordinator is poorly organised and unclear to students. Content is quite interesting and the cours...

3 years ago


Pretty easy to get through if you go to all the lectures. Lauren Kark goes through examples thorough...

3 years ago


Easy subject to get through if you do the mini assignment/reports properly. Also the final exam is t...

3 years ago


Content heavy. Media assignment was not very clearly outlined to students. Tutorials were mildly hel...

3 years ago


Assessments are manageable but require good organisation on the student's part. Content is a bit of...

3 years ago


Poorly organised and poor communication between co-ordinator and students. Classic paper assignment...

3 years ago


Content heavy but interesting and relevant to the degree. Assessments are also manageable.

3 years ago


Good course, covered the basic sciences (anatomy, physiology, pathology) quite well.

3 years ago


Fun course. Gets you into med life slowly. Lots of time for meeting people and settling into routine...

3 years ago


Too much embryology, but otherwise awesome.

3 years ago


Subject appears quite pointless in the initial stages but the assignments are very helpful in gettin...

3 years ago


Good subject, allows students to gain practical experience in a range of settings, with a range of d...

3 years ago