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Neuropharmacology – NOTES

Lectures and personal online/textbook (non-prescribed) readings. Topics vary across ~20+ lectures f...

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Really fun and engaging course. All the lecturers are very good at explaining the concepts in a simple way.

Anonymous, Term 2, 2019

Good course. First 5 weeks is about the neurotransmitter systems. After midsem it's all about the various diseases that these systems are involved in. Makes it easy to study the system and the disease. Course is made for people who can rote learn well though. You absolutely need to know every single thing on the slides unfortunately. Assignments are good (debate is actually really fun and everyone gets into it). Quizzes are annoying though and you don't get much time to do them.

Anonymous, Term 2, 2019

Very enjoyable course, especially if you liked Intro to Pharm. Lectures are well set out (first few lectures are about various neurotransmitters, latter lectures are about specific neuro diseases). The course conveners are amazing. Nicole Jones is the nicest professor you will ever meet.

Anonymous, Term 2, 2019