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ECON 2514

Not the best subject.

4 months ago

SPAN 2101

Great subject, very simplified way of learning a slightly more advanced grammer, moving into the sub...

7 months ago

GSSA 1004

this class prompted me to change my degree to major in gender studies!! prof megan warin is amazing

9 months ago

MATHS 1011

Great overview of concepts in lectures with tutorials each week backing up these concepts. Staff in...

1 year ago

ENG 1002

Good overview of programming concepts and basics. Lectures felt more like tutorials with not enough...

1 year ago

HIST 1109

Interesting set of revolutions to cover

2 years ago

ENGL 1107

Good teacher

2 years ago

PHIL 2035

Some useful modern figures to learn about if you're learning philosophy

2 years ago

HLTH SC 1000

Quite interesting

2 years ago

ANAT SC 1103

Lovely coordinators

2 years ago

ANAT SC 1102

Very organised and fun course

2 years ago

ENGL 1110

Getting your referencing etc. correct is going to have an impact on every essay you write throughout...

2 years ago

LAW 2502

Course is interesting, but poorly taught and structured. Two lectures a week with 100 slides per pow...

2 years ago

PHIL 1101

This subject is something I would recommend not only to Philosophy students, but anyone looking arou...

2 years ago

ARTS 1007

Honestly the subject seems a bit muddled about what exactly it is meant to be about, and apparently...

2 years ago

CLAS 1003

The name of the course has been updated to just "CLAS 1003 - Introduction to Ancient Greek and Roman...

2 years ago


Mark is great but found lectures to be very hard to follow. Wish such an already annoying topic was...

2 years ago


Rather interesting content and the tutors (especially Velta) are really helpful.

2 years ago


6 units with three components: electromagnetism, statistical mechanics and quantum mechanics. pr...

2 years ago

ENGL 1105

I absolutely loved this class! A very rich and interesting insight into film and their cinematic tec...

2 years ago


Brilliantly taught class. Complex concepts are made easy through some very clear, well set out and e...

2 years ago

biology 1101

This course gives you a good introduction to university level biology and accommodates a transition...

2 years ago


PPS I gives you a really good grounding in navigating primary scientific literature. This becomes ve...

2 years ago


This subject was similar to Psych 1A with layout and exam structure. I found the assignment and repo...

2 years ago

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