Introduction to Human Physiology

Lauralee Sherwood

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the worst course EVER !!!! the lectures are horrible and the person talks SO SLOWLY. the lectures are also SUPER vague and you end up having to take more time taking notes than required bc it is barely in the lectures. Tutorials are once for each module, there are 4 modules so you only ever get class time 4 times the whole course. You are not allowed to take photos of the screen during tutorials and they don't even give you any other resources of the slides they use. The tutorials suck too because it includes NOTHING from the lectures so the whole class is left sitting in silence because everyone is collectively confused when the topic was even mentioned in the lectures. The practical are fun except when you're stuck with stupid teammates who SUCK as well as rude tutors who barely explain anything. Don't even get me started on the tests. No pre-test preparations or pre-exam prep available except a 10 question quiz for a 40 mark test or exam like wtaf. And the questions in the tests are worded so badly that you sit there rethinking taking this stupid course ever. My tutor from another class even said it sucked when she took it years ago and it still hasnt changed. Worst course ever, dont choose this thinking its an easy course because its not because of the dumb structure of this subject. If you want to learn without a care for your gpa choose this course but if you care about youre gpa DOTN CHOOSE THIS COURSE !!!!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2024

Awful. From what others say it was an "easy" course, and the material is fine, but the lecturers are not very supportive. The lecture slides are vague at best, some of the material even plain wrong and no one bothered to fix it. I didn't mind the lack of tutorials, as it freed up some time, but the practicals themselves are a waste of time.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015