Burton Western Kowalski

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Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour

Passer, Michael

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Lorelle J. Burton, Drew Westen, Robin M. Kowalski

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Comprehensive Psychology 1B Notes

Written by Stefan

Notes covering every PSYCHOL1001 lecture and assigned reading in the course. The course lectures and...

130 pages, 44360 words

Psychology 1B HD Notes

Written by Ellie

I got a HD with these notes and very likely topped the class. Please be aware that these are based o...

37 pages, 28000 words


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I am an undergraduate student currently on my third year of the bachelor of psychological science. I...


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Hi there! My name is Quyen. I did my Bachelor of Psychological Science at Adelaide Uni and my Hono...


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I am currently studying a bachelor of psychological science, with a second major in anthropology. M...


Basically identical to Psychology 1A in layout/expectations. Pretty easy, exam was highly structured and students are well prepared

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Psych IB was fun and interactive. The workshops made sure the concepts we studied were physically demonstrated therefore making an easier understanding.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Hi all, I really enjoyed Psych 1B at Adelaide university in 2017. It covers a range of topics such as Learning re: Pavlovs dogs and encompasses a great deal of relevant information that can be applied to our lives so it makes studying fun! I would advise to keep up to date on all your work. If you miss a lecture, watch it ASAP. Take notes, revise, tell yourself you love what you're learning about and you'll pass the course with flying colours. The lecturers are really nice and understanding if you have medical or learning difficulties. Take a look at Psych 1B 1001 notes on student VIP they will explain the modules and give a great outline of what you need to know for the exam. This course can be modified to accomodate physical injuries if you can't get into class. They can make almost everything online. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Good luck!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016