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ECON 2514

Not the best subject.

11 months ago

ENGL 2057

Joy McEntee has made an amazing course that stimulates and provokes. The range of film selections me...

4 years ago


interesting topics with really interesting staff! well organised and supportive. very muched enjoyed

4 years ago


A lot of information, especially when it comes to revising for exams, but the subject content is int...

4 years ago

MDIA 2301

Lectures were only available online for a "progressive, flipped classroom approach", turns out they...

5 years ago

CRWR 2007

For aspiring writers interested in mixing genres, this is an excellent course. Writing surveyed in t...

7 years ago

crwr 2009

For aspiring writers that like to mix genres this is an excellent course. This surveys writing that...

7 years ago

CLAS 2101


8 years ago


This course is utter nonsense. Teachers offer no justification for counterintuitive of seemingly err...

8 years ago

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