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HUBS1404 The Uni. of Newcastle

Great start to understanding what's happening in our amazing bodies!

1 week ago

HUBS1403 The Uni. of Newcastle

Content heavy but gives you all the pieces to make HUBS1404 easy!

1 week ago

scn1111 Edith Cowan Uni.

Online materials and resources were great, catered to lots of learning styles, but tutorials being "...

2 weeks ago

HSE201 Deakin Uni.

It's a fun subject! You get to measure things like VO2 max and do different tests on the bicycle (er...

3 weeks ago

SCC1123 Edith Cowan Uni.

Easier than chemistry in high school

4 weeks ago


I didn't like the Marxist socialist world outlook of this subject. The indigenous health was more in...

4 weeks ago

SPX221 Uni. of the Sunshine Coast

Hated this subject! Made us buy the wrong textbook that was expensive. He was unhelpful and didn't a...

4 weeks ago

PSYC1030 Uni. of Qld

Great beginner Psycology class for bachelors. Got for it!

4 weeks ago

101469 Uni. of South Australia

Mostly same as anatomy 100 but more practical.

4 weeks ago

CUC107 Charles Darwin Uni.

Pointless unit. Waste of time.

1 month ago

CUC100 Charles Darwin Uni.

Good to do over summer semester. Very boring and pointless if you already are very comfortable essa...

1 month ago

PHRM1020 Uni. of Qld

Pharm calc was interesting, useful, and well set out with the quizzes and mini tests. Wong is a clea...

1 month ago


Disappointed with this "Advanced Counselling" subject. Very much like it's prerequisite, PYB208, and...

1 month ago

HLT1LHS La Trobe

Interesting Subject, Great content to learn

1 month ago

HBS1HBA La Trobe

Great subject. It is very easy and has got really good content on body systems.

1 month ago

PHIL 1102 Uni. of Adelaide

Really interesting subject, really well taught. Very engaging.

1 month ago

NURS 1060 Uni. of South Australia

It was quite full on

1 month ago

HLTH1020 Uni. of South Australia

My favorite subject of my program so far. Really loved the detail that the course covered and the tu...

1 month ago

HLSC1000 The Uni. of Newcastle

Easy as, love it.

1 month ago

MRSC1010 The Uni. of Newcastle

Starts easy and then suddenly gets harder. Great assessment schedule though, makes sure you keep on...

1 month ago

HUBS1401 The Uni. of Newcastle

Not too content heavy but very interesting. Easy to maintain marks through weekly mini tests. Good l...

1 month ago

HUBS1105 The Uni. of Newcastle

A really interesting subject but requires a lot of study because it's so content heavy. Labs were re...

1 month ago

PSYCHOL 6022 Uni. of Adelaide

Average at best

1 month ago

PSYCHOL 1004 Uni. of Adelaide

if I could give 0 stars I would

1 month ago