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6607 Uni. of Canberra

Very "politically correct" to the extremes. Rude classmates and tutor. Did not enjoy.

14 hours ago

NUR1102 Monash Uni.

Absolutely shocking The unit coordinator at clayton was terrible and she was inconsistent with the...

2 days ago

ANAT1005 Uni. of Qld

Lecture materials were very helpful; not an easy subject but I learned a lot; a strong foundation fo...

3 days ago

PUBH1102 Uni. of Qld

Really good & interesting subject; enjoyed doing the fieldwork assignment and wiki work; not hard to...

3 days ago

HPS121 Deakin Uni.

Like HPS111, there is a lot of overlap with VCE Psych. The content was interesting and the workload...

3 days ago

HPS111 Deakin Uni.

This unit was literally VCE Psychology. There is no new content. Thus, I found the content of the un...

3 days ago

BIO00307 Southern Cross Uni.

More on campus time needs to be allocated to this content heavy unit

3 days ago


Fantastic in providing a broad insight into the areas of Speech Pathology practice!

6 days ago


Subject was very dry and content heavy. Unfortunately the 3hr long lectures did not help this either...

6 days ago


Do the readings and come to every class as this unit is very content heavy! The weekly activities ar...

1 week ago


Best subject I have taken so far. The unit coordinator really takes an interest in what works for st...

1 week ago

BIOS1171 Uni. of Sydney

This is a challenging and interesting course

1 week ago

HBS300 Deakin Uni.

I completed this subject in T3 2016. i really enjoyed it. being totally on the cloud it was a litt...

1 week ago

LING1005 Uni. of Qld

Quite a challenging course as there were a lot of new content that you have to wrap your head around...

1 week ago

SPCH1201 Uni. of Qld

Certainly more challenging than the previous semester first year courses, with a lot of assignments...

1 week ago

SPCH1101 Uni. of Qld

I loved the audiology section of this course as it was very interesting! The content is also benefic...

1 week ago

SPCH1100 Uni. of Qld

One of my favourite classes in my first year, with very interesting topics covered! The exam isn't t...

1 week ago

LING1000 Uni. of Qld

This class is definitely challenging to wrap your head around if you have never learned Linguistics....

1 week ago

ANAT1022 Uni. of Qld

I love this subject! It was definitely challenging but the content learned was extremely interesting...

1 week ago

BIOL1040 Uni. of Qld

This is a great entry level course into human physiology. Yes, it can be quite overwhelming or daunt...

1 week ago

MAST10011 Uni. of Melbourne

I found this to be extremely boring and tedious. The lecturer was ok but the computer part did not f...

1 week ago

PHAR2812 Uni. of Sydney

The most interesting unit of study, make sure you learn all the details of the gram positive and gra...

2 weeks ago

BMS2062 Monash Uni.

Very easy going and easy to score. Practicals are very scoring so make sure you don't loose marks in...

2 weeks ago

BMS2052 Monash Uni.

Names of microbes and their pathogenic features can be confusing. So give yourself ample amount of t...

2 weeks ago