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HSN104 Deakin Uni.

Quite a difficult subject without prior chemistry knowledge

2 days ago

PHAR2811 Uni. of Sydney

The midsem is easy but the exam is hard do not be fooled Know your prac stuff that dale gives you f...

3 days ago

2000MSC Griffith

nothing positive to say about this course, the lecturer or tutors

5 days ago


Great unit! (I attended Melbourne campus.) Very heavily loaded with information but it's all interes...

6 days ago

BIOM20001 Uni. of Melbourne

This was a challenging subject especially due to the volume of content and the pace at which it was...

1 week ago


Love! I am not a fan of physics so I had no idea about optics, it was great that the unit coordinato...

1 week ago


Definitely my favourite unit throughout university!! Boy oh boy, the amount of resources and support...

1 week ago


Great experience and easy marks throughout the semester; the unit provides you with plenty of resour...

1 week ago


To be honest, I hated physics! But this class changed my mind... Great lectures and fun practicals m...

1 week ago

pyb007 QUT

Interesting unit, however assessments are heavily weighted so if you don't do well in one it makes i...

1 week ago

ASC207 Deakin Uni.

Interesting and thought provoking, lecturer and tutor are genuinely nice people, lots of handy resou...

1 week ago

1008PSY Griffith

The course was beneficial in understanding how interactions work between people and how certain fact...

1 week ago

1001PSY Griffith

Very interesting and engaging, but incredibly content heavy. BE PREPARED to notetake everything the...

1 week ago

pyb007 QUT

I didn't enjoy this subject as much although some aspects were quite interesting. They are very stri...

1 week ago


I really enjoyed this subject and I learned a lot. The tutors are fair with their marking and want t...

1 week ago


This subject was a little challenging but Rhys is a great lecturer and tutor. Attend all of the lect...

1 week ago


I loved this subject. The content was really interesting and opens your eyes to the need to address...

1 week ago

PMH1011 Monash Uni.

The lectures are long but usually really interesting, and typically more engaging than the psy1011 l...

1 week ago

PSYC3102 Uni. of Qld

An interesting subject that is heavily brought down by some poor delivery of lectures by both the ma...

1 week ago

NURS1004 Uni. of Sydney

Lectures were very vague. Didn't always say what to learn.

2 weeks ago

NURS1003 Uni. of Sydney

Lectures are alright but online content is always well organised and easy to study

2 weeks ago

NURS1002 Uni. of Sydney

Great lectures

2 weeks ago

NURS1001 Uni. of Sydney

Some great lectures and excellent tutorials

2 weeks ago


Very well organised, good content

2 weeks ago

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