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31271 UTS

Well taught subject, has some small downfalls and doesn't spend enough time covering some topics but...

4 days ago

CITS4407 The Uni. of Western Australia

great unit. chris is a really excellent lecturer and takes the time to really help students know the...

1 week ago

FIT5003 Monash Uni.

The lecturer is totally unprepared for every presentation so far. With lots of halts and self-correc...

1 month ago

COMP20003 Uni. of Melbourne

Fantastic subject, the lecturer Nir is amazing. The skills you develop in this class not only make u...

2 months ago

ENG 1002 Uni. of Adelaide

Good overview of programming concepts and basics. Lectures felt more like tutorials with not enough...

2 months ago

COMP1350 Macquarie

This is an okay unit if you want to pursue a degree that is related to databases, Otherwise you will...

2 months ago

COMP1010 Macquarie

A bit more challenging than COMP1000 but provides students with necessary knowledge for second-year...

2 months ago

COMP1000 Macquarie

Easy unit to get students up and running with computing

2 months ago

2806ICT Griffith

Highly business-related and quite content-heavy with hardly any explanation.

2 months ago

COMP8230 Macquarie

Good choice for a unit

2 months ago

COMP8220 Macquarie

Good unit

2 months ago

COMP7220 Macquarie

Interesting unit

2 months ago

COMP90015 Uni. of Melbourne

If it is for semester 2, I strongly recommend you to take it. Very easy to get H1. Actually very eas...

2 months ago

COMP90050 Uni. of Melbourne

Decide to withdraw after the first week of the semester. No workshop and mainly about theoretic conc...

2 months ago


This was a great start to learning not just how to write code, but how to figure out solutions to un...

3 months ago

31251 UTS

This subject definitely isn't easy but the lecturer (Luke) is super helpful and brilliant at explain...

3 months ago

COMP90041 Uni. of Melbourne

Good subject for software dev. But dont take the subject with thomas Christy , he is good at java ,...

4 months ago

FIT1013 Monash Uni.

Content was relatively straightforward. VBA coding is a lot simpler than most other coding languages...

4 months ago

31338 UTS

Good subject - teaches a lot of essential skills for Windows and Linux system administration. Unfort...

5 months ago

ISYS301 Macquarie

Decent unit for those wanting to become business/system analysts. There is alot of content to learn...

5 months ago

ISYS224 Macquarie

The subject it self isn't too bad. It was nice for the unit convenor to give us extensions for the a...

5 months ago

CITS2211 The Uni. of Western Australia

About 200 people enrolled in this unit and about 30 turned up for the final exam and there was still...

5 months ago

CITS1001 The Uni. of Western Australia

If you did Computer Science ATAR or have previous coding experience, you'll find this unit way easie...

5 months ago

COMP20003 Uni. of Melbourne

By far the best 2nd year CIS subject ever (better alternative to Design of Algorithms) Goes through...

6 months ago

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