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The unit aims to familiarise students with the main names, theories and debates of psychology. The d...

15 hours ago

PEN120 Murdoch Uni.

Loved this unit

17 hours ago

ENG109 Murdoch Uni.

Aced this unit but didn't go to any workshops so got away wth a supp pass after being forced to comp...

17 hours ago

PHYC10008 Uni. of Melbourne

I stopped attending or watching lectures after week 5 and ended up with a 78 in this subject by read...

20 hours ago

MBLG1001 Uni. of Sydney

Very interesting but very content heavy

20 hours ago

CHEM1101 Uni. of Sydney

Really enjoyed this subject. Was easier than I expected and in line with HSC chemistry

20 hours ago

BIOL1001 Uni. of Sydney

Found this subject pretty easy

20 hours ago

MATH1905 Uni. of Sydney

Good introduction to stats, but taught in a confusing manor.

20 hours ago

MATH1903 Uni. of Sydney

Enjoyable subject

20 hours ago

MATH1902 Uni. of Sydney

good subject

20 hours ago

MATH1901 Uni. of Sydney

Good subject but hard to get good grades

20 hours ago

MATH1015 Uni. of Sydney

Not such a bad course

20 hours ago

MATH1014 Uni. of Sydney

Not too bad lecturers are ok

20 hours ago

MATH1011 Uni. of Sydney

Derivatives and integration heavy

20 hours ago

MATH1111 Uni. of Sydney

Quite n easy maths course

20 hours ago

MAST10012 Uni. of Melbourne

Subject was very well taught. Lecturers and tutors knew people taking this subject are generally wea...

20 hours ago

MATH2068 Uni. of Sydney

Really enjoyed this usbject

20 hours ago

MATH1004 Uni. of Sydney

Pretty difficult subject but do thw HW and you'll be ifne

20 hours ago

MATH1005 Uni. of Sydney

This was a very enjoyable subject

20 hours ago

MA1020 James Cook

Ignore the reviews about the teacher being great. He left. The current lecturer is antagonistic, una...

1 day ago

COMP10001 Uni. of Melbourne

Lectures are real fun, and the assignments are always out of my expectations. Plus python is easy an...

1 day ago

PHYC10006 Uni. of Melbourne

Lectures are nice and neat, cool demos and pracs. Log books are hard to write though, it takes a lot...

1 day ago

MAST10010 Uni. of Melbourne

The lectures are fun, Sharon was hilarious sometimes. And she simplifies the complex knowledge. The...

1 day ago

FREN20018 Uni. of Melbourne

Amazing for the immersion experience, fast tracking your French learning and creating stronger bonds...

2 days ago