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MAST30020 Uni. of Melbourne

The lecturer, Konstantin Borovkov, is condescending, callous, and his explanations are incomprehensi...

3 hours ago

SCIE1000 Uni. of Qld

It’s important to understand that this course assesses problem-solving and the strategies they taugh...

1 day ago

BIOM2011 Uni. of Qld

A very content-heavy course but the knowledge is well worth it! The staff are helpful and if you sta...

1 day ago

MICR2000 Uni. of Qld

Super interesting course with passionate lecturers!

1 day ago

BIOL2200 Uni. of Qld

Very interesting subject but the exams are tough. It’s worth keeping up with the content and asking...

1 day ago

BIOL3003 Uni. of Qld

My favourite course! You learn everything there is to know about immunology in a structured course w...

1 day ago

SCIE1100 Uni. of Qld

Once it was clear what was needed for this course, it became a lot easier to study! It’s not about t...

1 day ago

BIOL1020 Uni. of Qld

This course provides great background knowledge for later biology courses. The lecturers are passion...

1 day ago

BIOC2000 Uni. of Qld

An extremely interesting course that demonstrates how a lot of biological processes occur in great d...

1 day ago

ENSC3015 The Uni. of Western Australia

The topics taught in this unit were definitely different where a lot of emphasis is placed on maths....

4 days ago

BIOL1030 Uni. of Qld

Really interesting, very content heavy but if you can keep up so good! Amazing professors, plenty of...

1 week ago

BIOL1020 Uni. of Qld

I enjoyed this course, very organised. A lot of content and third module is slightly less effective...

1 week ago

PHIL1002 The Uni. of Western Australia

I did this unit as an elective, I thought there would be philosophy theory but I was mistaken. Would...

1 week ago

SCOM2208 The Uni. of Western Australia

There's no rubric for assignments. It is really hard to get a good mark. This unit is almost like a...

1 week ago


Fast paced subject, particularly if you're fresh out of high school- what you might learn in a term...

2 weeks ago

Scif1131 UNSW

Absolute bludge of a subject, easy to get full marks. Lecturers and tutors are all lovely and provid...

2 weeks ago

BCMB30010 Uni. of Melbourne

I miss Amber

3 weeks ago

BIOL10011 Uni. of Melbourne

I only did it as a prerequisite and it was terrible. The lecturers weren’t consistent in quality: so...

4 weeks ago

EDUC10057 Uni. of Melbourne

Easy content and the quiz is open book. I would advise against taking the summer intensive and just...

1 month ago

PHYC10009 Uni. of Melbourne

Great introduction to basic physics for people who didn't do VCE physics. Interesting questions in l...

1 month ago

COMP7703 Uni. of Qld

the lectures dont add anything they just show you a bunch of super generalized math things. the prac...

1 month ago

CHEM1100 Uni. of Qld

Fun and interesting basic chemistry course: 100% recommended!

1 month ago

BMS1011 Monash Uni.

Tutorials are great and very interesting. Make sure you don't miss any of them as they help strength...

1 month ago

CHEM1002 The Uni. of Western Australia

Interesting unit that focuses mainly on organic chemistry and mechanisms. The lectures were extremel...

1 month ago

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