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MATH3405 Uni. of Qld

Clear lecture notes, excellent textbook. If you don't even go to lectures, you could probably get by...

15 hours ago

MATH2302 Uni. of Qld

A pretty interesting selection of discrete maths applications, some of them quite pure, like enumera...

16 hours ago

MATH2100 Uni. of Qld

Was a pretty interesting course and the main reason I pursued similar courses afterwards. The second...

16 hours ago

BCMB20002 Uni. of Melbourne

Generally well taught and intellectually stimulating subject. MSTs were very fair and weekly quizzes...

1 day ago

PSYC3015 Uni. of Sydney

Loved this unit, although the systematic review was challenging. However you learn many skills from...

1 day ago

PSYC3014 Uni. of Sydney

Super interesting content and managed to get a high distinction, but the report and final exam were...

1 day ago

PSYC3012 Uni. of Sydney

Difficult unit but worth it if you want to get into psychology. Course is well taught and structured...

1 day ago

COMP10001 Uni. of Melbourne

Pretty good introduction to programming concepts, which is made even better with the integration of...

2 days ago

ASP1010 Monash Uni.

Easy and fun! I did it as part of my astrophysics minor but I recommend it to everyone, regardless o...

6 days ago

SCI2010 Monash Uni.

Super easy to get a good mark but condescending tutors and common sense content make it boring and f...

6 days ago

NUTM3001 Uni. of Sydney

Terribly run, a lot of content which at times is interesting but they test you on the things you wou...

6 days ago


the content was interesting but overall i found the course to be super disorganised which detracted...

1 week ago


I really enjoyed this subject. It covered a wide range of content and gave me a solid understanding...

1 week ago

MATH1061 Uni. of Qld

This is a simple subject, with some mildly challenging concepts. Just pay attention and turn up - yo...

1 week ago

BIOL316 Macquarie


1 week ago

MAST10007 Uni. of Melbourne

It is one of the easier first year Mathematics subjects if you know how to approach the questions. I...

1 week ago

PSY246 Macquarie

I really enjoyed this unit! I already had a good background in most of the concepts from doing some...

1 week ago

PSY234 Macquarie

I loved the content! Social psych was interesting and easy, although the essay requires quite a bit...

1 week ago

PSYC104 Macquarie

Definitely got me excited to do the rest of my psychology degree! Some of the content was heavy, tho...

1 week ago

biol108 Macquarie

There was a lot of content so you really need to keep up and make sure you understand everything, bu...

1 week ago

PSYC2012 Uni. of Sydney

Legit my favourite unit I've ever done. Bless Stesen and his smashed avocado metaphors.

1 week ago

MATH1111 Uni. of Sydney

As a maths HATER that barely passed 2 unit Maths in the HSC this was a pretty good uni, 100% easier...

1 week ago

PSY224 Macquarie

Easily the worst subject I've ever taken at Macquarie. Assessments marked with no standard between m...

1 week ago

PHYS20009 Uni. of Melbourne

This subject was run really well and compliments PHYS20008 (Human Physiology) fantastically. It was...

1 week ago

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