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UNIB20018 Uni. of Melbourne

DON'T DO THIS SUBJECT IF YOU WANT A WAM BOOSTER. It is not the easy-breezy subject that people of th...

12 hours ago

200027 WSU

Not difficult at all if you make sure you know how to solve all tutorial questions provided.

2 days ago

ANAT20006 Uni. of Melbourne

interesting subject but can be a bit tedious and boring - just learning the names of a lot of parts...

2 days ago

PHYS20008 Uni. of Melbourne

absolutely loved this subject! Charles was super engaging and content was interesting, i loved turni...

2 days ago

COMP20007 Uni. of Melbourne

Grady is best boi. Lecturers are also very good. Assignments are challenging but I liked this subjec...

4 days ago

CHEM1002 The Uni. of Western Australia

Unit is interesting for the first few weeks, but then they introduce a ton of mechanisms and reactio...

5 days ago

EDUC20064 Uni. of Melbourne

Really great subject, lots of freedom to write about what interests you and content isn’t difficult...

6 days ago

FOOD20003 Uni. of Melbourne

Personally I didn't find this subject too bad. My grievances with it would properly be the structuri...

1 week ago

CHIN1401 The Uni. of Western Australia

Amazing unit, Liyong is a great teacher. His teaching lets your knowledge of the language expand org...

1 week ago

GEOG10001 Uni. of Melbourne

Easy class and is exceptionally well structured, additionally it seems like the tutors enjoy their j...

1 week ago


Interesting subject with alot of useful applications for engineering and physics.

1 week ago

NEUR30003 Uni. of Melbourne

This is hands down the most horrendously taught subject I've ever taken in my entire university jour...

1 week ago

MATH1005 Uni. of Sydney

Essential subject for a lot of things, and Di Warren is excellent.

1 week ago

SCI3920 Monash Uni.

I enjoyed my internship very much!!! It was a great opportunity to get experience and to network wit...

1 week ago

PSYC10004 Uni. of Melbourne

The subject content was quite interesting. The topics were clinical, developmental, social and perso...

1 week ago

MAST30020 Uni. of Melbourne

Kostya is a very entertaining and enthuastic lecturer who is willing to give time to help his studen...

2 weeks ago

CHEM1001 The Uni. of Western Australia

Unit is very content heavy, a LOT of lectures each week (3 lectures, 30-60 minutes per lecture). Dif...

3 weeks ago

37401 UTS


3 weeks ago

ENSC3016 The Uni. of Western Australia

Overall, this unit is pretty straightforward. The labs are easy and the test and exams are approacha...

3 weeks ago

PATH20003 Uni. of Melbourne

theoretically, this subject should be a pretty straightforward and engaging subject, but it couldn’t...

3 weeks ago

NEUR30003 Uni. of Melbourne

MCQ/dropdown MST was very unreasonable. Most of the content was not covered at all in lectures or on...

3 weeks ago

300802 WSU

I can't stand this subject tbh. At the beginning of the semester, I thought I'd love it and it'd be...

1 month ago

EART2234 The Uni. of Western Australia

This unit is taken by Myra Keep. The lectures are taught way too fast, making it very difficult to g...

1 month ago

STAT2402 The Uni. of Western Australia

very good unit

1 month ago

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