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Comprehensive H1 Music Psychology Notes

A complete set of detailed notes covering all aspects of every lecture for all assessment quizzes (T...

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Music Psychology Notes

This includes 57 pages of detailed notes I wrote for each 2 hour lecture helped me achieve a score o...

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This was a decent subject to take and easier to score well in but just a kind of boring. The essay is not as hard as what some people made it seem. I am not an essay writer but I still got a H1. The quizzes were not as easy and you need to watch the short video to get the most out of it since it was 40%. Also, I did this over the summer with another class.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2024

A wam booster subject that is also interesting. Quizzes: Don't underestimate the quizzes, they are not as logical as you think. Got zeroes for my first 2 quizzes and really brought my confidence down, but nailed many perfect grade for the next ones. Watch the short video, podcast, and seminar on the day you do the quizzes. Download the transcript and do Ctrl+F. Take your time to answer each mcq and PLEASE recheck your answer before submitting. Most quizzes don't usually relate to anything from the seminars. A great tip here is: "Was the answer specifically mentioned in the podcast or video transcript?" Essays: Essays can bring up your grade even if your quizzes were average. Make sure you pick a topic you're really interested with, since the essay is about how you criticise the strengths and weaknesses based on your personal experience and knowledge too. Combine the sample paragraphs and rubrix into one document before writing the essay, so have it beside you while writing your work. I picked Music and Consumer topic since I was really interested about how music influence business aspects, having prior knowledge to a business back home. Make sure you refer closely to the sample essays given by them (you can also find essays in studocu ).

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2023

Scored 95 on this subject. Not difficult, but truthfully there isn't all too much to learn here. However, there is breadth in the fields introduced. As other comments have mentioned, Ctrl+F the transcript for the quizzes -- take your time as each question is worth quite a bit. For the essay make sure to use the exemplars as a template and the rubric to further guide you. This is key to scoring high imo. If you can, avoid picking a topic that everybody else is going to do (eg. music and Alzheimer's/memory) as the graders probably have already seen one too many.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2023

mixed feelings on this subject. You can literally do no work (less that 1 hour a week) and do decent but the essay is hard to score well on, especially if you come from a psych background and are used to the rigorous nature of psych essays. Quizzes are a pain because there's only 4 questions in each quiz and they're work 1% of your grade per question, so if you mess one or two questions up each quiz per week it definitely adds up. Content is kinda boring, especially the podcasts which go for ages. The seminars are a waste of time, don't go to them. Overall, good if you've got a massive study load in other subjects but if you're actually looking for something that will go in depth into actual psychology, this subject isn't it.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2023

look this wasn't the easiest subject, quizzes were easy but the essay didn't have a relevant structure we should follow? I got an 80 (expected higher lol), so you unfortunately can't treat it as a subject where you put 0 effort in and expect to do well

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2023

The other reviews about this subject being hard are bs. For the quizzes; there are 10 and each is worth 4% (4 question mcqs). The only annoying part is that if you get one mcq wrong it is a whole 1% lost. HOWEVER, the content in the quizzes assesses about 30mins of audio recordings a week (these are “lectures” but have zero slides). You get a transcript for all the quizzable content so can ctrl+F to find answers (do NOT google because it can sometimes contradict). If you actually take time on the quiz (they give you 2hrs but most can be done in 15-20mins). I didn’t watch a single seminar. The essay can be done without any prior knowledge of the subject imo. Just pick something ur interested in and treat it like a scientific literature review. Follow the criteria and structure exactly (this is most reliable to score well I reckon but they do say you can vary the approach if done effectively). I think this component is marked fairly firmly but if you adhere to criteria and treat it like you would an essay in a “hard” subject you can score well on it. Ended up with a 93 and it was the lowest amount of work i did for an undergrad subject. “WAM booster” doesn’t mean you can totally dismiss learning anything or trying - if you treat it like a “hard” subject you will do well.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2023

Hate it, it’s a wam destroyer, wanted to get an H1 but ended up with a 76. Essays are hard to score high in. Should’ve taken something easier, but if you want to get subjects done and over with then recommend. It’s easy to get 70+ but hard to score high

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2023

Not sure what the other review for this semester was about TT Quizzes were super easy to get 4/4 (though I heard a couple of people complaining). You just have to make sure you are reading the documents/watching lectures beforehand. Think basic reading comp. questions - there was the be direct evidence in the paper to support your answer or the answer is wrong, you can't infer anything that isn't stated really... Only struggle was the essay, which is oddly structured and there really isn't direction given for it.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2023

0/5, subject is extremely boring. Took it cause it was a wam booster, quizzes aren’t straightforward, not easy to get 4/4 correct per week, essay is difficult, regret taking it, rather than being a wam booster, it just hurts your wam.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2023

Easy to get H1. I got 86. But the final assignment is difficult. It is like a science subject

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2022