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Definitely interesting subject to gain an insight about branding. The lecturer is interesting and ve...

1 hour ago


The assignment is weighted 40%. Please make sure you put in sufficient and high quality of effort wh...

1 hour ago


Simon is a wonderful lecturer. Tutor are helpful too in assisting the understanding regarding the t...

2 hours ago


A tough subject for new Uni students, but good grades are possible through consistent hard work

9 hours ago


Object-Oriented programming subject. When you finished your uni and ready for a job....your first...

11 hours ago


This subject mainly teaches Haskell programming and Prolog. These are all functional programming lan...

11 hours ago


Really interesting weeklong intensive subject at Southbank campus. Doesn't teach you how to act per...

2 days ago


Good subject, similar to the other ones. Cheatsheet in the exam is always helpful and tutorials are...

4 days ago


I am kind of disappointed in this subject. I thought it would be really interesting, but it turned o...

4 days ago


Pretty interesting subject, not too difficult in terms of concepts but quite a lot of content. Tutor...

4 days ago


The lecturer (Damien) was pretty alright, he seems to treat it more as a seminar than a lecture and...

4 days ago


This was easily my least favourite maths subject. Since it is required for maths majors, I would rec...

4 days ago


Quite a good subject. Be warned that although a lot of applied maths and engineering students take t...

4 days ago


This subject is quite mixed, with a lot of good stuff, a bit of bad stuff and nothing in between. Th...

4 days ago


Seen alot of bad reviews about this subject in the past semesters, but I would like to point out tha...

5 days ago


Interesting subject if you like history and are curious about how economy of different countries wor...

5 days ago


I find the subject contents very interesting and useful, especially for those who are seeking to ven...

5 days ago


Very interesting topics which are well taught. The assignments are marked a bit harshly in aspects s...

5 days ago


Well taught subject with a good spread of assessment between the two exams and the assignment.Labora...

5 days ago


Great breadth subject choice with interesting concepts. Weekly meetings are only done through lectur...

1 week ago


Actually interesting content marred by the world's most incompetent lecturer and useless lab demonst...

1 week ago


really interesting and easy to do well in if you're good at essays

1 week ago


This subject is awesome.. You will gain knowledge upon how GIS is being implemented in the current t...

1 week ago


Brilliant subject- a very streamlined experience, well supported by learning materials (textbook fol...

1 week ago