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My favourite subject in psychology thus far, and for obvious reasons: the content was very interesti...

7 hours ago


I admit that I was quite taken aback from having to learn basic programming in R (as a psychology ma...

7 hours ago


The content in this subject is interesting and builds on from previous criminology knowledge taught...

7 hours ago


I picked this subject not really understanding what it would be about. It involves some film analysi...

7 hours ago


Currently doing it over the winter break (not an available option in this review so had to put sem 2...

10 hours ago


I really did not like this subject as a science student taking a breadth. The lecturer was great and...

13 hours ago


One of my favourite maths subjects taken at the uni. Yao-Ban is such a great lecturer, his explanati...

13 hours ago


Fantastic 3rd year subject. Sarah and Chris were clear and clearly showed passion throughout teachin...

13 hours ago


What a mess of a subject. Other reviews have already explained how content heavy and badly taught th...

16 hours ago


It's called Animal Physiology and Growth now but literally a third of the class ended up withdrawing...

1 day ago


A pretty good introduction to psychology. The exam was pretty simple, and the essay assessment seeme...

1 day ago


I liked biology in high school but not so much after this subject. The lectures were mostly unclear...

1 day ago


Literally the worst subject I've ever done. Subject was definitely poorly coordinated, with little i...

1 day ago


This was the best subject I took in my uni education. The content delivered was very interesting and...

2 days ago


Challenging subject for sure but extremely interesting and helpful !

2 days ago


Very cool and interesting content but badly taught.

2 days ago


A good introduction to second-year biomedicine subjects such as MCB. Concepts not particularly diffi...

3 days ago


Poorly taught, poorly coordinated. The whole subject is a rip-off of the gang of four book, and t...

3 days ago


This subject is fantastic if you have any interest at all not just in Stalinism, but also in the his...

3 days ago


This subject introduces some really interesting and important ideas. There's no maths and very littl...

3 days ago


Challenging but thoroughly rewarding

3 days ago


The subject has had a revamp and is really great

3 days ago


This subject was great but there was way too much content for a subject worth 12.5 credits. If you h...

3 days ago


Interesting subject overall, very application-based. Lecturer and tutors were very helpful and frien...

4 days ago

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