Clinically Oriented Anatomy


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Atlas of human anatomy

Frank Henry Netter

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Gray's Anatomy for Students, 2nd Edition

Vogl, A. Wayne

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Human Locomotor Systems H1 Notes

Written by Daniel

This includes the lectures throughout the semester, including additional notes i made from various r...

40 pages, 12608 words

H1 (92) ANAT30007 complete lecture notes

Written by Anton

These notes were constructed during semester from lectures, textbooks & practicals and were my prima...

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Written by Peter

If you want to easily get a H1 for anatomy and a score above 90, then theres are the notes for you....

13 pages, 4110 words

ANAT30007 H1 95 Notes

Written by Marie

These notes comprehensively cover the lecture and practical content of Human Locomotor Systems. Furt...

173 pages, 33414 words

ANAT30007 Lower Limb Anatomy Notes (H1- 93)

Written by N

These detailed and comprehensive notes cover all lectures in the Lower Limb Topic, including: - bon...

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ANAT30007 Human Locomotor Systems Complete H1 Notes

Written by Quratulann

These notes contain all topics covered in the subject, and are presented in concise, dot-point form,...

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ANAT30007: Human Locomotor Systems Notes (H1) - Lecture Notes, Practical Notes, Further Readings

Written by Julian

Notes for ANAT30007: Human Locomotor Systems. I was able to obtain a H1 with these notes and you...

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Written by Vincent

ANAT30007 Human Locomotor Systems - Peripheral Nervous System; Central Nervous System; Lumbar Spine...

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ANAT30007 Revision Questions

Written by Olivia

Revision questions for: - Neuroanatomy - Back - Upper Limb All the best!

11 pages, 8509 words

Summarised Upper Limb Notes

Written by Olivia

This set of notes contain: - Bones - Joints - Ligaments - Muscles (origin, insertion, function)...

27 pages, 5674 words


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Really interesting, lecturers and demonstrators have good knowledge of the subject and tries to expose students to potential careers and study pathways. A place to build on extra knowledge is during the practical class. There was quite a lot of information and memorising in the subject but it helps if you read the practical notes and revise lecture notes a few times for them to stick. Gives you a lot of chance to do some hands on during prac (good if you are building up for med school) but we did struggle a bit during prac.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Too much information to handle if you aren't a human information garbage receptacle. Expect little to no advice for the exams. The content itself if interesting, and you will learn heaps but you won't learn what actually matters for the assessments (oh the irony). Would recommend if you really enjoy having no idea what you're meant to know vs what is supplementary information. Practicals are engaging and fun, and if you don't care about your GPA it's palatable at best. 1/5

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

This subject is definitely tough, and not at all easy to get an H1. There is an information overload in this subject, despite the content being very interesting . It is just too much info! The 2 end of semester exams are very tough, its so hard to know what bits they're going to examine you on. Although the 2 MSTs were very fair in my opinion. You learn about the spine, upper limb, lower limb, locomotion and evolution. Quite in depth, and you'll be VERY knowledgeable about the human body after you've completed it. Happy I've done it, but it is definitely not an easy one to score well in. Would only do it, if you're not too fussed about your GPA, or are doing the HSF major.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016