Hi, I'm Emma!

I'm a UniMelb student studying Science.


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Hi! I'm a graduated Bc. Science student (physiology major) - current course content is very fresh in my mind! I am now in my second year of a Doctor of Physiotherapy.

H1 average.

I tailor sessions to you and your questions, whilst helping to give structure to your study with my own experience of what you need to focus on within a subject. You will also have access to my notes and summaries.

$40/h for one-on-one lessons.
$30/h/person for two people.
$25/h/person for 3+ people.

Tutoring available from Unimelb, my home (Blackburn) or a local library.

Additional cost for travel (Unimelb excluded):
15+ minutes one way = $5
30+ minutes one way = $10




Emma is such a great tutor! She is super lovely and very much in-touch with the current course content. She has a keen eye for frequently assessed ideas/concepts on the MSTs and CALs, and breaks things down step-by-step so it is all crystal clear. Her analogies and explanations are really wonderful at putting everything in perspective, even when the concepts are quite tricky!

Thanks so much Emma! :)

Stephanie, StudentVIP member
since January, 2019


Emma is a person who knows her content to an exceptional degree. She is thorough and concise, and is very skilled at delivering a point when it is a difficult point to make. She makes an excellent and knowledgeable tutor.

Robert, StudentVIP member
since February, 2017