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H1 (90) Complete Notes and Drug List for Drugs Affecting the Nervous System

Written by Ryan

All lectures/topics included to great detail in an easy to follow and read format! Block 1 - Introd...

59 pages, 24619 words

H1 STUDENT, detailed notes for PHRM30002

Written by Britt

Lecture-by-lecture notes in great detail. Notes from a Chancellor Scholar. Expands on lecture slides...

46 pages, 24689 words

Drugs Cheat Sheet

Written by Emilia

I have compiled an elaborate and complete list of drugs covered throughout the semester according to...

31 pages, 6331 words

PART 1 - PHRM30002: Drugs Affecting the Nervous System

Written by Georgia

PART ONE (too large as one file), midsem 1 Comprehensive and detailed notes of lecture material (al...

80 pages, 24000 words

PART 2 - PHRM30002: Drugs Affecting the Nervous System

Written by Georgia

PART TWO (too large as one file) Comprehensive and detailed notes of lecture material (all lectures...

137 pages, 41400 words

PHRM30002: Comprehensive Notes

Written by H.

Extremely comprehensive set of PHRM30002 summary notes perfect for exam revision. Includes tables, d...

161 pages, 36171 words

PHRM30002 Detailed and Clear 'Drugs Affecting the Nervous System' Notes 2016 - H1 Mark

Written by Warren

For Drugs Affecting the Nervous System I wrote brief notes in class then cleaned them up and cross-c...

75 pages, 31214 words

Lecture notes to PHRM30002

Written by Louise

Compendium of the PHRM30002 lectures divided into chapters. It is not in the right lecture order...

110 pages, 23586 words


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This subject was well-coordinated with engaging lecturers. Shout out to James for setting the scene with the introductory lectures that formed the foundation for the rest of the subject. Shout out to Peter for always making us laugh and delivering some unforgettable lectures. Shout out to all the lecturers for their expertise and engaging lectures. I enjoyed the content in this subject, though it was pretty content-heavy (but we all helped each other out on Piazza, so that helped). There was a balance between neuroscience and pharmacology, which I particularly enjoyed learning about. Tutorials are helpful, so if you're thinking of doing this subject, you should attend and better yet, you should post questions that you want answered on Piazza to ensure that you get the most out of it.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Peter is an amazing teacher, so are the other lecturers. It's a really good subject. :)

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018