Hi, I'm Irina!

I'm a UniMelb student studying Health.


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Hi! I'm Irina 😊 I’m currently doing my Honours in Neuropathology at the Florey Institute. I graduated from UniMelb Biomed in 2021, majoring in Neuroscience. I also took breadth classes for Psychology, Japanese and Music. I was able to raise my WAM 20+ points from 1st year to now, so I hope I can help you do the same! ☺️ In between undergrad and Honours I decided to take a year off study to work as a full-time tutor. I tutored students from Years 7-13 (British GCSE system) and helped them improve their grades from Cs/Ds to A*/As. My teaching style is very interactive, so I won't be lecturing you for an hour straight but rather ask you questions to make you think + understand the content. Classes will be carried out online on Discord/Zoom.



Irina is a very patient tutor and explains concepts really well by using analogies. Her Q&A method of teaching helps prepare me for exams, as it makes me think on the spot during her lessons. As English is not my first language, sometimes I struggle to put my knowledge into words when answering exam questions, but she has helped me improve my scientific writing skills within a few months.

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