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Hi, I'm David! I completed the Bachelor of Biomedicine at unimelb in 2021 and am now in my first year of the Doctor of Medicine at usyd. Here's what I bring to my tutorials! Proficiency: I achieved a H1 grade in all of the subjects that I've listed for tutoring. It would bring me more joy than I can say to play a part in helping you to do the same! Agility: I strive to adapt my sessions to suit each of my individual students. By working with you to determine the style and structure of tutorial that best suits your unique learning needs, I believe we will be in a better position to meet your goals. Confidence: I maintain that a healthy mindset can make a world of difference in the lead up to exams. I am always keen to share the things that keep me sane in and around swotvac. Insight: I know that the only experience that will ever truly speak to you is your own, but I have always found it helpful to hear about the journeys and lifestyles of my peers. As a biomed graduate and now an MD student, I am more than happy to share my "do's and don'ts" or to answer any questions you may have about the transition into/out of undergraduate study. Currently, I am only offering tutorials via Zoom. Looking forward to meeting you!



David really helped improve my Gamsat S3 skills. He was so friendly and knowledgeable about chem, bio and physics that it really helped boost my score. I wasn't great at chem or physics questions but he'd just teach me the concepts behind them which would help me tackle similar questions. He also taught me how to tackle questions just based off the information in the question and that approach was invaluable too. Really recommend him for tutoring anything because he's honestly THAT good.

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