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Administrative law regulates the relationship between the state and its people, in other words, the...

4 days ago


Legal Ethics takes special responsibility for the study of professionalism, ethics and public servic...

4 days ago


loved it

3 months ago


I loved this subject. I thought I'd struggle with it because at first a lot of the topics the subjec...

9 months ago


Terrible subject. Waste of time. Did none of the lectures or readings and still did well on my paper...

1 year ago


The trick to doing well on the exam is to do a lot of practice questions and use these to pre-prepar...

2 years ago


It's not the hardest subject and the lecturer doesn't have stringent requirements for academic rigou...

2 years ago


Torts was intellectually a fantastic subject. The lecturers created an engaging course which expande...

3 years ago


Fantastic subject. Gives a great introduction to the key controversies and players in jurisprudence....

4 years ago

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