LexisNexis Questions and Answers: Property Law, 2nd Edition

Cameron-Dow, L

For sale by Wendiana for $40

Principles of Civil Procedure in New South Wales

Dorne Boniface, Miiko Kumar, Michael Legg

For sale by Jiyoung for $50

Australian Real Property Law

For sale by Felix for $65

H1 Exam Notes for Property Law Hypotheticals

Written by Claire

Condensed, quick reference exam notes for the Property Law (Unimelb JD) exam. Features essential rul...

21 pages, 14536 words

LAWS50030 Property Hypo Structures

Written by Tim

Hypothetical structure with answers for Property Law

55 pages, 11612 words

H1 Property Exam Notes - Previous STS Tutor

Written by Mischa

These are condensed Property law notes. I focus on making sure they are detailed enough to help you...

54 pages, 23000 words

Property - H1 Exam Notes

Written by Anna

These are my comprehensive Property exam notes. They have the detail needed to understand the (somet...

82 pages, 37228 words

Property Law Exam Notes

Written by Emily

Exam & Hypothetical Notes for Property. Outlines: - Relevant case notes & "rules" - Colour coo...

69 pages, 35303 words

Property Law Extended Exam Notes

Written by Jamie

These extended notes for Property Law contain relevant cases, legal principles and statutory provisi...

52 pages, 18897 words

H1 Property Law Exam Notes

Written by Lia

H1 Property Law Exam Notes from Melbourne JD, Semester 1 2017. Detailed structure and framework...

66 pages, 38366 words

H1 Property Exam Structure

Written by Emma

Exam checklist for University of Melbourne LAWS50030 Course. Checklist comprehensively details hy...

26 pages, 6600 words

Property Law Hypo Structure

Written by Bobby

Everything you need to know for the hypothetical structures formatted into an easy to use checklist...

26 pages, 11121 words

Property Law Short Notes

Written by Samantha

These LAWS50030 notes are meant to be a 'how to guide' for hypotheticals.

29 pages, 12807 words


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