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2023 H1 (90+) BLAW20003 CONSUMER LAW NOTES

Complete detailed BLAW20003 Consumer Law (2023) notes comprising examinable material. I received...

38 pages, 18670 words

2021 Consumer Law Revision Notes

The revision notes are from the 2021 Summer Term Consumer Law BLAW20003. I have completed them after...

94 pages, 27895 words


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Content was interesting and well taught, but the major assignment was poorly explained and very hard to do well in. The intensive mode is four 1.5-hour seminars for six days, which were easy to become disengaged in as the content, while interesting, had the tendency to become repetitive and dry. Possibly just an issue with the coordinator/lecturer, Phillip, but should still be noted.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020