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Pretty good subject. Assignments build upon one another and you can pretty much choose what you focu...

3 weeks ago


Media futures is hands down one of the best subjects I’ve done at uni. If you’re interested in the h...

2 months ago


This subject sort of feels like "shoving in everything that's needed to meet APAC's requirements". I...

5 months ago


The subject was fairly good. The content was interesting and not overly complex. It covered a decent...

6 months ago


The subject is done purely online and it consisted of weekly discussions (until week 10) where you j...

6 months ago


This subject is called Ethics and Evidence-Based Practice now (I've heard it's changed a lot). The l...

1 year ago


It isn't a difficult subject but it is a bit tedious. The lecturer means well but is honestly really...

1 year ago


An intensive subject where you spend half a week at the Dookie campus. Unlike the wine subject here...

2 years ago


One of the most poorly taught and coordinated subject I've ever done. The lecturer (Stefan) turned...

3 years ago


Great subject and interesting content

6 years ago


A diverse music theory subject that is interesting and taught really well. I really enjoyed this sub...

6 years ago

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