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I took this as a breadth over the summer and half the time they were speaking in Mandarin which makes sense, but also as with a lot of Chinese (history etc.) subjects I found (lol), it was just badly organised. There's no overlooking that fact. The assignments were marked pretty harshly by Alex Hedt (dunno who he is he never made an appearance lmao). I got marked down for paragraph structure but honestly, they gave us 500 words (like what did they expect). Half the time nobody knew what was going on due to poor coordination, and we didn't have any time for rehearsals. It was not bad, but not great either. I wouldn't recommend doing this subject even if you were interested in Chinese culture/music. If you're a local student stay as far away from this. It was coordinated by Ian Godfrey, but like with anyone doing this subject, you will never hear from him unless you email him or something. Gave it 1 stars cos Dr Wang's cool. Everything else not so much lol.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2024