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H1 (81) ANSC20005: Companion Animal Biology Lecture Notes/Content Summary

Comprehensive Lecture Notes/Content Summary for all examinable lectures for ANSC20005: Companion Ani...

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Ok, mixed reviews here. First off, if you're looking for a subject with interesting content, but don't care about your WAM, then take this subject. You learn about history of domestication at first which was very boring, but then later on you learn about how to train your dog, animals in film, animal nutrition and pedigree dogs. It was very interesting to learn about as an animal lover for sure! But, unfortunately university makes it so that we have to care about grades more than the content we are learning :/ This subject is not an easy H1. Ian is a VERY harsh marker. When I say very, I MEAN very. Some tips: - the essay: don't have too short or too long paragraphs. - don't have complex terminology - have pictures that are big enough on the word document for him to see - make sure referencing is consistent - have a title Poster - the overall visual effect rather than the specific content you're putting in is important Exam - I would say the practice exam is a very good guideline! - focus on some specifics from the lecture on aquariums MST - I studied very hard for this MST yet still didn't do well. Make sure to remember the COI's and some statistics on dogs vs cat population! Anyway, H1 is difficult, but the content was interesting.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2024