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One of the most poorly taught and coordinated subject I've ever done. The lecturer (Stefan) turned interesting material into sleep-inducing torture, ran over time every time, and had trouble reading from his own slides (presumably because he'd got them from the old lecturer and didn't actually know the content off-by-heart himself). The tutor (Ha) didn't help matters - getting an answer to a simple question from her was like drawing blood from a stone, and the tutes were very unhelpful (I often left feeling more confused about the material than I had when I entered). The readings were a mess (some weeks there are none; sometimes they are randomly added without warning to the LMS) and the assessment was marked far too easily, although this probably had something to do with the fact that the instructions were so vague and poorly-explained in lectures and tutes that you could pretty much write an essay on whether dog or cat fleas can jump the highest and they'd still have to give you marks. I also received almost no feedback for the entire semester (about 1 sentence per assessment; 2 if they're feeling very generous. I got a one-sentence comment on my final 3,000 word major project). The only redeeming aspects of this subject were the interesting and wide-ranging content and the lectures taken by someone other than Stefan.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017