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I spent a lot of this subject being incredibly confused, even though Media & Communications is my major and I've been doing well. The theory that we learnt at the beginning of the semester was confusing, and doing the subject over Zoom definitely didn't help with being able to have discussions about the theory and trying to understand what it actually is. Applying the theory to the topics later on in the semester then became a challenge, but in general the topics were quite interesting especially if you're into digital media.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

Media futures is hands down one of the best subjects I’ve done at uni. If you’re interested in the history of where technology and media came from, how it shapes our existence and how it will affect our future this is the subject for you. Scott is an extremely knowledgeable professor who brings up timely and relevant examples and situations to help you understand the subject matter. For example for some topics like surveillance or the streaming and music industry Scott brought up relevant examples that were in the news just a week ago! This really helped tie everything together and see the bigger picture of where we as a society and entertainment consumers may potentially end up. His lectures might be a bit slow but the 2x button really helps quick absorb all the info. As for the assessment there’s two assignments and one group presentation. The group presentation was really fun and interesting to do over zoom (haha) and I imagine I and some other people may have done better in person but being able to talk about something in lieu of that weeks topic helped understand and engage with the topic on a deeper level. The two assignments wake you do a very in depth piece on topics of interest that you care about and there was a pretty wide scope with what you could talk about. Overall the subject deepened my ability to understand not just where media and technology were going but also see patterns and trajectories in other industries and be able to predict where those other industries might go too. Highly recommended if you’re interested in futures!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020