Meditations and Other Metaphysical Writings

Rene Descartes

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A Practical Study of Argument

Trudy Govier

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Critical thinking is an important unit to do if you know you will be doing other philosophy units in the future. It provides an excellent foundation to analyse arguments & is the most useful of all level one philosophy units. I found that there was too much content crammed into the unit, making it difficult to memorise & understand everything covered. The textbook is a very useful resource, however the lectures are not. Halfway through the semester the lecturer stopped writing the relevant information on the slides because everyone was typing instead of paying attention. This increased the difficulty of studying for the exam. The workshops were a good way of applying techniques learnt into the analysis of arguments.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Being objectively as I can, I must give props to the content in this course. When processed through my brain, it really was an eye opener into social reality, and I have grown the wiser into listening into blasphemous politics and emotionally driven radicals. But that's where it ends. For those who don't have as much patience as I do, it can be really easy to lose interest in this course. The lack of content in the PowerPoints is to blame. That wouldn't matter if the lecturers were engaging enough, but that wasn't the case. It felt as if it the lecturer droned on and on, something you'd expect in a movie or a book. The other saving grace though, was the workshops. The tutor explained things that were in lectures in the matter of minutes, and immediately put it to use.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

PHIL1002 teaches the very foundational reasoning and argumentation of Philosophy in a systematic way (including things like common fallacies and understanding levels of inference and validity). This is of immense value to analysing texts at the uni level. The lectures are simple, straightforward and easy to follow however the issue i found is in the actual application of the content. Sometimes things can be difficult to see and leave you with wide eyes drooling, yet, the tutorials do go into some detail about how to apply the skills by analysing long paragraphs together as a class which i feel is where i ought to have concentrated the most. Dr Nim Kirkham was a very engaging lecturer and really came down to the personal level of the students which I found appealing.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017