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200111 WSU

Easy subject

1 day ago

200032 WSU

Studying with the right techniques will help you to achieve HD or the full mark is 100%

1 day ago

26134 UTS

Straightforward subject that is definitely HDable, even if you aren't the best at maths you just nee...

2 days ago

ACCG100 Macquarie

Lectures can be a little tedious, but the overall content is not difficult. If you diligently comple...

6 days ago

MATH132 Macquarie

A great continuation of Extension 1. A lot of the content is the same as Extension 2 content, but I...

6 days ago


Best unit I've taken so far, heaps of resources, great lecturer

1 week ago


Hated it from start to finish, lecturer was awful.

1 week ago


Grading and assessment is confusing and unhelpful.

1 week ago

MGT10001 Swinburne Uni. of Technology

I enjoyed this unit :)

1 week ago

COM10007 Swinburne Uni. of Technology

I enjoyed this unit. Useful content and easy to follow.

1 week ago

FINC2011 Uni. of Sydney

Challenging subject and a fantastic introduction to the major - would highly recommend.

2 weeks ago

ECMT2130 Uni. of Sydney

Tricky subject. What I enjoyed were the consistent assessments (weekly homework) that made you keep...

2 weeks ago

BUSS1020 Uni. of Sydney

Good opportunity for free marks but certainly hard if you haven't done maths at high school. I perso...

2 weeks ago

ECOS2001 Uni. of Sydney

This is a core unit for Economics majors and it's a pretty harsh unit if you're not at least at a co...

2 weeks ago

MKTG20008 Uni. of Melbourne

Shala makes the subject practical and fun. It's great to hear how Strategy is used in the real world...

2 weeks ago

QBUS2310 Uni. of Sydney

Do an econometrics major if you want to be a data analyst/scientist, as this subject has no relevanc...

2 weeks ago

QBUS2810 Uni. of Sydney

Terribly organised subject. Better to do an Econometrics major than QBUS.

2 weeks ago

FINC3015 Uni. of Sydney

Angelo Asparis is a god amongst men and this is the best finance elective you'll ever do

3 weeks ago

ACCT2011 Uni. of Sydney

Bloody hard

3 weeks ago

BUSS1002 Uni. of Sydney

An improvement on BUSS1001, but still has a lot of flaws. MSA's can be hard, but if just include wha...

3 weeks ago

ECMT1020 Uni. of Sydney

Difficult but rewarding - I had to shop around for a well-run tutorial though.

3 weeks ago

FINC3017 Uni. of Sydney

Andrew is one of the most inspiring lecturers at USYD - the course and teaching staff are incredible...

3 weeks ago

BUSS1030 Uni. of Sydney

Straightforward and more to do with practical formats than concepts. Easy to understand if you have...

3 weeks ago

BBA315 Macquarie

Very poorly structured unit in S1, 2017 (new convener to previous years). Every student that i spoke...

4 weeks ago