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COMM101 Wollongong

Really interesting subject and case studies and super easy. Just make sure you do the tutorial readi...

1 hour ago

FNCE10001 Uni. of Melbourne


2 hours ago

BBA280 Macquarie

By far the WORST subject I’ve done since starting my degree two years ago. The conveynor was disorga...

3 hours ago

LAWS1120 The Uni. of Western Australia

Loved this unit. Taught so well and I learnt so much about law. Would never go into a law degree tho...

10 hours ago

STAT1520 The Uni. of Western Australia

Very fast paced so keep up with the lectures and the online videos. Marty was a great lecturer and t...

10 hours ago

ACCT2112 The Uni. of Western Australia

Such an easy unit. SO little content and half the content was just basic logic. You kinda question w...

10 hours ago

Fina1221 The Uni. of Western Australia

Lecturer wastes a lot of time trying to be cool (he was Frank). Stopped watching the lectures and ju...

10 hours ago

ACCG100 Macquarie

absolutely loved this unit, assignments were easily done and tutors were extremely helpful. pretty s...

10 hours ago

ACST101 Macquarie

not that bad and is really well taught in the summer (session 3 which is when i completed it). TVM w...

11 hours ago

BBA102 Macquarie

really boring

11 hours ago

ECON111 Macquarie

prashan is an amazing lecturer who keeps the lectures interesting. pretty easy subject if you stay o...

11 hours ago

STAT150 Macquarie

really good subject! lectures are coherent and easy to understand

11 hours ago

BTC3300 Monash Uni.

If Paul Sugden is taking this unit DO NOT DO IT! He is a disorganised mess and it will be a terrible...

14 hours ago

MATH123 Macquarie

This unit provides very little useful detail or examples in regards to finance and economics, which...

1 day ago

MKTG10001 Uni. of Melbourne

I found tutorials are more beneficial in training your communication skill than understanding the ma...

1 day ago

FINA2207 The Uni. of Western Australia

not interesting at all , final exam is hard

1 day ago

FINA2204 The Uni. of Western Australia

alright,.. quite interesting but conceptually very hard to wrap your head around .. maths side wasn'...

1 day ago

STAT150 Macquarie

make sure you attend your classes, learn the method of a hyphothesis test and put effort into your f...

1 day ago


The subject was run fairly, with the tutorials run by Sylvain providing incredible assistance to bot...

1 day ago


Interesting course content which includes more qualitative theories and research, as compared to qua...

2 days ago


Content for this course is understandable, with a lot of different management theories included. Wee...

2 days ago

ACCT10001 Uni. of Melbourne

Had absolutely no accounting background whatsoever going in but this subject actually made me want t...

3 days ago


You will be fine if you are not the only domestic student in your allocated group.

3 days ago


The game was confusing even till the last update. I just put in random values and it somehow worked...

3 days ago

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