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ECON2300 Uni. of Qld

This is indeed a difficult course. Econometrics involves a new way of thinking and doing things and...

1 day ago

SOC295 Macquarie

work load is so good, concepts are easy to grasp although you need to keep up to date. i did it as a...

4 days ago

ACCG101 Macquarie

my major is accounting so this might be a little bias but i absolutely love accounting especially fi...

4 days ago

ACCG200 Macquarie

it was a hard unit but if you stay on top of everything, it just flows with you. the exam wasn't too...

4 days ago

BBA102 Macquarie

really boring and the convenor was not at all helpful

4 days ago

MKTG309 Macquarie

The content is very relevant and interesting. I really enjoyed learning some of the psychological/be...

6 days ago

EMPL2202 The Uni. of Western Australia

The textbook was awesome! Really well organised and informative and the unit coordinator went in chr...

1 week ago

LAWS1104 The Uni. of Western Australia

Overall a very rewarding unit but as mentioned in other reviews, it requires a lot of time and effor...

1 week ago

ACCT20001 Uni. of Melbourne

relatively straight forward subject if you keep pretty much up to date, have good logical sense and...

1 week ago

200084 WSU

Want to read a textbook that wildly misinterprets psychology research? Then this is the course for y...

1 week ago

MKTG3114 Uni. of Sydney

This subject was a joke. I learnt nothing.

1 week ago

MKTG3118 Uni. of Sydney

Lecturer hardly ever turned up to lectures... Really poor on his behalf. Interesting content and the...

1 week ago

ECOS3011 Uni. of Sydney

Actually one of my favourite subjects. Kadir is a great lecturer and all his classes are well run. C...

1 week ago

ECOS3008 Uni. of Sydney

Difficult....I thought this would be an easy class but the mid sem was definitely very tough with a...

1 week ago


This unit could have been better if not so many theories/concepts had been introduced. Overall, it w...

1 week ago


This unit was a great stepping stone for those who want to know more about Business in general. Lect...

1 week ago

200108 WSU

Overall a great unit. Be sure to nail the content as it will all come up again in more depth later o...

1 week ago

200116 WSU

Be sure to nail the content as it will all come up again and again later on.

1 week ago

ECMT3110 Uni. of Sydney

This course is really well structured, and the lecturer is one of the most generous lecturers in all...

2 weeks ago

ECMT3130 Uni. of Sydney

This is an interesting course that teaches you lots of basic forecasting models and R coding. David...

2 weeks ago

ECMT2130 Uni. of Sydney

This course helps you to understand how econometrics can be applied to finance. You will be working...

2 weeks ago


They made the course really enjoyable this sem. Tutorials were hands-on and engaging, lecture style...

2 weeks ago


A great intro course and quite an easy one in terms of marks. Tutorials were enjoyable and content w...

2 weeks ago


Quite an interesting course covering a lot of fundamental areas of finance. A good introduction but...

2 weeks ago

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