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Could anyone explain more on what can you expect with the assignments? Boring? Interesting? Hard? Ea...

20 hours ago

ACCY111 Wollongong

My lecturer is Sanja. She inspires me a lot about her teaching style and she does try her very best...

1 day ago

24734 UTS

This is an insightful subject, providing students with practical knowledge and skills regarding mark...

5 days ago


I have personally taken BSB110 in 2011 (which is basically the same as BSD110) and have been tutorin...

5 days ago


I have personally taken this course in 2011 and have been tutoring this course every semester since...

5 days ago

BUSS1001 Uni. of Sydney

Nothing interesting here guys. The assessments are terrible, the lecturers are boring...the whole st...

5 days ago

25503 UTS

Lecturer was really nice, and subject was ok. Wasn't something I enjoyed that much, very maths based...

1 week ago

25557 UTS

Not that difficult as long as you pay attention to small detail. It's pretty much FBF in more extens...

1 week ago

22420 UTS

It was quite an interesting subject, relating accounting to the regulations in the handbook. It was...

1 week ago

79014 UTS

The tutorials and participation marks may put you off. But they definitely don't mark as hard as the...

1 week ago

MLL351 Deakin Uni.

Great unit. Be prepared to spend money for public transport to get to and from your placement. Also,...

1 week ago

INFS2001 Uni. of Sydney

Horrible course, useless content, content drier than the deserts of sahara.

1 week ago

BTC1110 Monash Uni.

Most difficult commerce core unit. Requires good writing and english skills. Heavy law content which...

1 week ago

ECC1000 Monash Uni.

Stephen King one of the best lecturers I've had. This subject is not too hard if you ensure you unde...

1 week ago

MGC1010 Monash Uni.

Lectures are unnecessary, all the content is on slides and in textbook. Easy subject but very boring...

1 week ago

MKC1200 Monash Uni.

easy but boring

1 week ago

BFC2140 Monash Uni.

similar to BFC1001 but a little bit more application

1 week ago


Playconomics is riddled with bugs, spelling errors and poorly explained mechanics. It's such a chore...

1 week ago

MUSI20150 Uni. of Melbourne

If you're looking for an easy h1 subject, go for this. Quizzes are easy to score on (just read the l...

1 week ago

22320 UTS

Not as hard as everybody says, just be up to date and you'll be fine. Not a subject where u can cram...

1 week ago


Tutor wasn't good, lecturer made up for that though. Content had finance in it, which was kinda unfa...

1 week ago


Lecturer can't teach, concepts didn't seem hard, but when she just read off the slides and didn't ma...

1 week ago


Waste of time, lecturer didn't really help nor explain things clearly, his accent was too strong, st...

1 week ago


Lecturers can't teach, tutors can't teach, not sure if anyone knew how to teach joke of a course

1 week ago