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Latest activity on Business subjects at Macquarie...


Worst unit I have even studied. Poorly taught, no organisation or connection between lectures and pr...

2 days ago


Helpful if you have done ACCG923. The basic concepts are simple. It is entirely based on IFRIS. S...

1 week ago


Helpful to understand how information systems integrate into accounting, how they are developed and...

1 week ago


Corporate Finance. Nothing much really.

1 week ago


Very interesting unit.

1 week ago


Basic auditing concepts. Easy to get lost in the volume of content thrown at you. With a proper stru...

1 week ago


Make brief notes for every single concept. This is very very important to understand the concepts an...

1 week ago


It enables you to think like an auditor who as an outsider has to understand the risks related busin...

1 week ago


It builds on your knowledge of ACCG 611 Principle of Accounting. Every concept taught in this uni...

1 week ago


It is essentially just Corporate Finance and involves financial ratios, investment evaluation, cost...

1 week ago


Very interesting. Helps to understand a company's performance and position by utilizing P/L, BS, CF...

1 week ago


Very basic. Useful to build knowledge for more complicated stuff that follows.

1 week ago


The use of step method for consolidation is complicated. However, the course load is quite manageab...

1 week ago


In order to do well in this subject, keep up to date weekly!!! I cannot stress out the fact of how i...

3 weeks ago


Despite the relatively high fail rate, this is not a difficult unit. However, I found the lecture ma...

1 month ago


Challenge to do excellent in this subject!

1 month ago


A challenging subject if you are unfamiliar with the legal structure in Australia, or the Corporatio...

2 months ago


This can be a tough course, as it requires you think with a legal, rather than a scientific or accou...

2 months ago


A challenging subject, requiring some lateral thinking and awareness of current events. But very rew...

2 months ago


The course provides a relevant and interesting approach to considering ethics and philosophy of prof...

2 months ago


Go to all of the lectures, tutorials and practicals.

2 months ago


The autonomous learning task seems stupid at first but earning marks for it is quite easy. Content i...

2 months ago


Keep up each week and this subject is quite manageable. There's an online assignment mid-sem, which...

2 months ago


The unit content and lecturer are fairly interesting. The marking for the assessments, however, is b...

2 months ago


Lots of group work, so you get to work on STAT together (good if it's not your forte). Heavily maths...

2 months ago