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Currently doing it right now, this subject is hard. Also doing 2nd year finance units, the content f...

22 hours ago


Still currently doing AFIN250 for S2 2017. It's not an easy subject. Don't be deceived how nice the...

22 hours ago


Ilija is simply the best lecturer I have ever had. All his units are extremely organised. The lectur...

1 day ago


I love Chiro, and this unit expands on most of the basics. It also starts teaching you role of resea...

3 weeks ago


The lecturer's delivery was engaging, but the content of this unit can sometimes be a little overwhe...

1 month ago


Lectures can be a little tedious, but the overall content is not difficult. If you diligently comple...

1 month ago


A great continuation of Extension 1. A lot of the content is the same as Extension 2 content, but I...

1 month ago


It was hard work and took quite a lot of study, but if you can get through the first few weeks of co...

1 month ago


Definitely got me excited to do the rest of my psychology degree!

1 month ago


Very disorganised. The work was easy enough to keep up with (staying a week ahead of the quizzes is...

1 month ago


One of the most challenging and rewarding subjects I have undertaken - it really strengthened my cri...

1 month ago


Course is a bit dry but the value comes in the practical application of what you learn. The presenta...

1 month ago


Absolutely awesome course. The convenor, Adam, was exceptional in his presentation and moderation of...

1 month ago


This class is an insult to intelligence. The only place it should have is in preparation for uni c...

1 month ago


Very poorly structured unit in S1, 2017 (new convener to previous years). Every student that i spoke...

1 month ago


This is my second semester at University. ABST 100 is my favourite subject so far. I couldn't make t...

2 months ago


Extremely shag

2 months ago


Good unit - broadens your view; downside; if you ain't good at writing essays and forget/don't have...

2 months ago


The unit wasn't all that bad. It really helped when I read a couple of pages ahead of the tutorial/l...

2 months ago


Pretty boring subject didnt really enjoy it. If you enjoy English this is the class for you !

2 months ago


Very enjoyable

2 months ago


Poorly organised unit which was very unstructured. Lecturer made things difficult to understand. You...

2 months ago


Content was very unstructured which made it difficult to understand. However, the content is very in...

2 months ago


Good subject overall, interesting assessment tasks that were on current issues in HR. However, asses...

2 months ago