Work in the 21st Century

Frank J. Landy, Jeffrey M. Conte

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Work in the 21st Century

Frank J. Landy, Jeffrey M. Conte

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PSY338 Organisational Psychology notes

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This is a good elective psychology unit because it allows you to test out whether the Master of Organisational Psychology course could be an option for you, but it is also good for a better understanding of the workforce in general. This is one of those units that is easy to pass if you put in at least some effort but there are a lot of theories and concepts to learn to do well in the final exam. The written assessments were very manageable and more engaging compared to other units. The lectures were not on echo and hence did not have the same features (for those who like downloading the videos, rewinding back 10 seconds with 1 click, speeding up or slowing down the video etc.)

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019