Options, Futures and other Derivatives

John C. Hull

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Fundamentals of futures and options markets

John C. Hull

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Fundamentals of futures and options markets

John C. Hull

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Fundamentals of futures and options markets

John C. Hull

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Fundamentals of futures and options markets

John C. Hull

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Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets: International Edition

Hull, John C. et al

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Comprehensive H1 Notes - FNCE30007 Derivative Securities

Written by Kai

Detailed DS Notes compiled through lecture notes, tutorial notes and textbook materials. These no...

59 pages, 17407 words

Derivative Securities DS Ultimate Note Lecture + Reading H1 91

Written by Cathy

I achieved 91 on this subject. The notes included lecture notes and required reading from both t...

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Final Exam DS notes

Written by Emily

This notes will save you a lot of time, it summaries most important topic and concepts from lectures...

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FNCE30007: Derivative Securities (H1)

Written by Cam

Concise dot point notes with formulas of all topics covered. Excellent as exam revision as well as g...

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Derivative Comprehensive Notes

Written by Leonardus edwin hartono

Include notes from week 1-12. All proofs are discussed more clearly and added some additional exampl...

40 pages, 9332 words

Derivative Securities

Written by Ronen

Comprehensive FNCE30007 notes covering all examinable material. Includes theory, definitions, graphs...

61 pages, 15808 words

H1 90 Derivative Securities Notes DETAILED

Written by Nathan

This course structure follows S2, 2017 and is in the following order. Different lecturers sometimes...

64 pages, 26405 words

H1 Derivative Securities Notes - 91 Marks

Written by Deddy

I used the notes for my Mid Semester Exam and Final Exam revisions. Both exams I scored H1. My frien...

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EXCELLENT Summary Notes on Forward and Future Pricing

Written by Jessica

This summary is basically ALL you NEED TO KNOW to tackle problems on forward and future pricing. Lea...

8 pages, 3000 words

Comprehensive summarised DS notes

Written by Tiffany

-Easy to follow comprehensive notes for DS -All you need to know for exam listed here

45 pages, 9450 words

Karan sanjeev

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Interesting subject, great lecturer. Don't be scared of this subject! Best of the Finance major.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

This subject has developed my passion in Finance and you will enjoy studying it. No regrets.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Good lecturer and enjoyable subject.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

I took the subject when Ali Akyol was the lecturer, and he was fantastic. He utilised technology well to work us through complicated examples (writing on his tablet), and the mid-semester test was fairly straightforward. However this did come with the downside of a fairly difficult final exam, although most students would have been able to get a pass at the bare minimum due to the "free" marks given away through simple questions which required little more than plugging numbers into a formula.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

Johnathan Dark (lecturer) is an excellent conductor of this course. However, he sets a killer mid semester exam, and shockingly a 'doable' exam (as compared to the other level 3 finance) as long as to study the relevant materials.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014