Fundamentals of futures and options markets

John C. Hull

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Derivative Securities H1 (91/100), fully-summarized

I have achieved 91 on this subject and 98 on investment (my notes for investment are available on th...

24 pages, 7705 words

H1 exam notes with diagrams for each topic

These are the notes I made for the Derivatives mid-sem exam and final exam. The course had a lot...

39 pages, 10822 words

Derivative Securities DS Ultimate Note Lecture + Reading H1 91

I achieved 91 on this subject. The notes included lecture notes and required reading from both t...

120 pages, 34799 words

Derivative Securities Complete Notes (HD)

Clear concise notes to help you get to the top end of the cohort!

54 pages, 16537 words

Derivative Securities H1 Formula Sheet

Derivative Securities Formula Sheet (All Topics Included) Topic 1: Derivatives Topic 2: Hedging Us...

7 pages, 717 words

Exam Notes For FNCE 30007: Derivative Securities

This is the complete set of notes I've made and compiled specifically for the 2019 Semester 1 exam....

39 pages, 5636 words

Derivative Securities - Fully summarised (H1)

The notes include Week 1 - Week 12 materials: - Introduction to Derivatives - Futures and Forward...

27 pages, 10127 words

FNCE30007 Derivative Securities Exam Notes

Comprehensive exam notes with key information for every topic. Lecture 1: Overview of Futures Le...

16 pages, 3703 words

H1 Derivative Securities Notes - 91 Marks

I used the notes for my Mid Semester Exam and Final Exam revisions. Both exams I scored H1. My frien...

141 pages, 16000 words

Final Exam DS notes

This notes will save you a lot of time, it summaries most important topic and concepts from lectures...

23 pages, 2771 words


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Jon Dark is very smart and an excellent lecturer. Very straight edge and has clear slides. While the exam was hard (and quite long) it was very fair. Nothing which was unexpected just hard with a giant scale. Do come in this class with the intention to work hard and you'll ultimately be rewarded. Does require knowing the underpinning theorems and ideas if you want to score in the 90s.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021

Definitely the most challenging Finance subject in the course for me. But Federico is good lecturer, he explains well and uses many examples! I love his way of teaching but the final exam was a nightmare!! But I got a H1 thanks to scaling. Overall a very insightful subject!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

Frederico is a great lecturer! Literally, made options much easier to understand compared to CFDM (was thought by Sean). The subject itself is quite straight forward most of the time, yet calculation can take so much time. I found the exam doable, but you have to manage your time really well (ie. make sure you don't dwell too long in a low marks question, my fellow sem 2 2020 ds student you know what I'm talking abt, yep 4 marks for 3 steps binom). Overall a very insightful subject

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

I love Federico!!! (I mean his teaching style but not his calculation heavy exam TAT). Options basics from pof and cfdm were difficult to understand for me but I find all the contents here in ds easy to digest because of the lecturer. Definitely the best finance subject I’ve ever take so far.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

Killer subject. Jonathan sets bloody hard MSTs and exams. But he's also very knowledgable and good at explaining concepts. Yudong is an amazing tutor and really helps students to understand the content. Although I'm not interested in derivatives in general, I did enjoy the content to some degree. Please do not think you can get by this subject just by rote-learning. Dedicate time to understanding the topics and you will do well. Recommended that you get the textbook to aid with learning. Edit: subject scales a lot.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

Take this subject in Semester 2, so much easier compared to Semester 1 as far as I know. The finals and mid-semester test were equally easy, was expecting a fairly difficult final exam tbh.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

Great lecturer, went a bit quick but was extremely thorough with an emphasis on understanding the underlying concepts. This subject can be difficult if you take a backseat and just try to memorise formulas, if you don't understand the the concepts you wont do well. Overall an incredibly engaging and interesting subject.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Amazing lecturer made this subject so interesting and made me eager to learn more and find out about trading with derivatives. Really enjoyable subject. Once you truly understand the concepts, you will find it really fun to study.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Interesting subject, great lecturer. Don't be scared of this subject! Best of the Finance major.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

This subject has developed my passion in Finance and you will enjoy studying it. No regrets.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016