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I'm a UniMelb student studying Business.


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Karan sanjeev
I'm pursuing Masters in management finance from the University of Melbourne. I have scored H1 in all Finance and Accounts subjects including Corporate Reporting. Only $30 for 1 subject and $25 for two subjects per hour is my fees.Really CHEAP!!!
I can tutor from home or University whichever suits you and my in-depth understanding of the concepts and different ways of doing the same thing will help students in gaining in-depth knowledge about the subject.Also, I can guarantee good marks if you will follow my instructions strictly.

1) I teach all Accounts and Finance subjects.
2) You can contact me 24/7 for any query related to the subject and I'll not charge an extra fee for that.
3)Will reply to all your messages within 24 Hours.
4) Follow my instructions and obtain H1 in the subject easily.
5)One day revision available including the day before exam day.
6)More stress on topics having maximum coverage.
7)Excellent, proven notes and strategy to score good marks on the exam.
8)None of my students has ever failed in any exam.
9) More than 3 years of experience in teaching.
10)Get heavy discounts by bringing your friends for the tuition.


English, Hindi, Punjabi


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