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I'm a UniMelb student studying Business.


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Karan sanjeev
I had pursued my Masters of management finance from the University of Melbourne. I have scored H1 in all Finance and Accounts subjects. Only $50 for 1 subject and $45* for two subjects per hour is my fees. Really CHEAP!!! Apart from receiving a scholarship from the university, my name has also been included in the "Dean's Honor List".
I can tutor from home or University whichever suits you and my in-depth understanding of the concepts and different ways of doing the same thing will help students in gaining in-depth knowledge about the subject. Also, I can guarantee good marks if you will follow my instructions strictly.

1) I teach all Accounts and Finance subjects.
2) You can contact me 24/7 for any query related to the subject and I'll not charge an extra fee for that.
3)I will reply to all your messages within 24 Hours.
4) Follow my instructions and obtain H1 in the subject easily.
5)One day revision available including the day before exam day.
6)More stress on topics having maximum coverage.
7)Excellent, proven notes and strategy to score good marks on the exam.
8)None of my students has ever failed in any exam.
9) More than 3 years of experience in teaching.
10)Get heavy discounts by bringing your friends for tuition.


English, Hindi


Koran is an excellent and responsible tutor. He helped me in accounting capstone which is a very hard subject for me. Highly recommended!

Yan, StudentVIP member
since April, 2020


Karan is a great tutor. He helped me with an introductory subject to finance, and explained concepts very carefully and thoroughly to me. I'd definitely recommend!

Tori, StudentVIP member
since February, 2016


Karan is a very intelligent and prompt tutor. He was extremely helpful and provided me with assistance on all of my queries and concerns. I highly recommend Karan to anyone who requires his expertise and knowledge. 10/10!

Kevin, StudentVIP member
since February, 2016


Karan is an excellent tutor who is tutoring me through my Financial degree. He is incredibly helpful and breaks down the problems to focus on conceptual learning. He is very easy to get in contact with, and he has helped build my confidence. I would definitely recommend!

Alice, StudentVIP member
since March, 2016


I have Karan as a tutor for Finance Management. Karan is an excellent tutor - he breaks down concepts in a manner that is accessible and easy to understand. He also aids in answering questions that may be asked within exams. He is very punctual and responds to messages promptly. I would highly recommend Karan.

Isabella Romanella, StudentVIP member
since February, 2016


I have recently been receiving tutoring from Karan and highly recommend him. I am studying Financial Management and I was way behind on my knowledge. Karan is bringing me upto speed with an effective style of tutoring that is allowing me to grasp the concepts visually and then put them into practice. I find Karan easy to work with and his pace of delivery can be adjusted depending on your own understanding of the particular topic. Area's that you lack any understanding you can start from scratch, area's you have a good understanding you can skim through. I expect to be using Karan right through my Finance subjects.

Denis, StudentVIP member
since March, 2020


Karan has tutored me for Derivatives, one of the toughest subjects I have ever studied. Things I really like about his teaching style is that he makes sure that the student understands a concept well before moving ahead. He asks multiple questions about the topic in different ways to test if the student has grasped the concept well. Moreover, he makes sure one is exam-ready by providing different tips on how to approach a question. He is very flexible with the timings and always ready to help. He is an amazing teacher! I would totally recommend him to anyone looking for a tutor for Finance subjects.

Sania, StudentVIP member
since March, 2017


I have Karan as my tutor for Principles of Finance. He is an excellent tutor and is very knowledgable. His way of teaching is very easy to understand and has allowed me to grasp the subject better. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is aiming to get a high marks on Finance subjects!

Natasha, StudentVIP member
since July, 2017


I've had Karan as my tutor for IFA 2 and Derivatives, arguably the two hardest subjects for Accounting and Finance. Karan was a great tutor, really spending time and focusing in on the most relevant portions of the subject. He also teaches very useful ways to solve problems that are not typically taught in Uni. Overall, I would recommend Karan to any student looking to really build a good foundation and understanding of Accounting and Finance. My only advice to future students would be to book and coordinate with him early on in the semester as he does get really busy. Cheers Karan.

Antonio, StudentVIP member
since February, 2018


Karen is an excellent teacher who has helped me greatly in International Finance. His extensive knowledge on this subject allowed for through explanation of difficudle concepts relating to Swaps/PPP/Foreign Currencies etc. In short, I highly recommend him to individuals looking for a tutor to clarify their doubts/achieve H1!

Cheryl, StudentVIP member
since April, 2016


I have Karan as a tutor for Derivative Securities. Karan is a fantastic tutor and has very unique and easy to understand ways of teaching which helps for thorough understanding of the concepts and also answering tough questions asked in exams. He is very punctual and easy to get in contact with, as well as very personable and patient which is important for those things that are a little harder to understand. Would recommend to anyone, he is sure to help you get the mark you require.

Ebony, StudentVIP member
since February, 2017


Karan is an excellent tutor, he helped me achieve great results! I have used Karan for 4 subjects and would highly recommend.

Will, StudentVIP member
since March, 2014


Karan is a responsible tutor that helped me a lot in the financial management subject. As an international student, I tried to understand the subject well from my class; however, due to my poor English level, I used to struggled from my class. Then, one of my friends introduces Karan as my tutor. He not only helps me better understand the meaning of the subjects but also tell me how to improve my English as well as improve myself. I really appreciate him, and if you need help in finance subject, it will be a better choice for you to find Karan!

Xin, StudentVIP member
since April, 2019

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