I'm a UniMelb student studying Business.


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Started uni
- Current WAM 89.889
- Francis J. Wright Exhibition for Quantitative Methods 1, awarded to the student with the highest mark in ECON10005 Quantitative Methods 1.
- Proficient in English and Mandarin Chinese
- Educated in Singapore

Below are the grades for all the subjects I have taken over my course of study:-

ECON10005 (Quantitative Methods 1) - 97 (H1)
ECON20003 (Quantitative Methods 2) - 97 (H1)
FNCE10002 (Principles of Finance) - 90 (H1)
MGMT20001 (Organisational Behaviour) - 81 (H1)
ACCT10001 (Accounting Reports & Analysis) - 82 (H1)

ACCT20002 (Intermediate Financial Accounting) - 92 (H1)
FNCE20005 (Corporate Financial Decision Making) - 92 (H1)
BLAW10001 (Principles of Business Law) - 92 (H1)
ACCT20001 (Cost Management) - 86 (H1)


I am a second year student at the University of Melbourne, and am currently pursuing my Bachelor in Commerce. My goal as a tutor is to simply help you achieve your academic goals, and attain the H1 for the above subjects - just as I did.

I have been offering tuition services over 2 semesters, and have been able to help my tutees to achieve their academic goals over this period.

When tutoring you, I will furnish you with the notes that I personally used during my studies for those subjects, along with study tips that helped me achieve my grades. I will also be able to guide you through the weekly lectures and tutorials - which may appear to be tedious and complicated. I will also be able to help you to better understand your assignments, if needed.

Personally, I am an easy going and patient individual. I hope to be able to meet new people and sharpen my skills of teaching. Feel free to contact me if you are curious about anything in particular or need any extra information!

For the coming semester, I will be offering my assistance for Organisational Behaviour, Principles of Finance, Intermediate Financial Accounting and Corporate Financial Decision Making.
For Organisational Behaviour and Principles of Finance, my rate would be $80 per hour.
For Intermediate Financial Accounting and Corporate Financial Decision Making, my rate would be $100 per hour.
Also, the first lesson will be at a cheaper rate ($10 cheaper), so that you can determine if we are a good fit as tutor and student.

p.s. I will get back to any and all queries within 24 hours!


English, Mandarin Chinese


Danny is a very patient and friendly tutor! He has made it easier for me to understand the concepts by giving specific examples and providing me with comprehensive notes. He is also very accommodating and flexible to my schedule despite being busy with his own school work! He has also given me useful tips for exam which made me less nervous for the final exam, I am very thankful for that!

Asther, StudentVIP member
since March, 2019


Danny is an excellent tutor. Very well organized and always prepared to answer your questions. He explains each concept in detail using clear examples making it easier to understand and remember. He also provides practice questions and extra notes. Not only is Danny perfectly knowledgeable in the subject material, he also really cares for his students. Patient, kind and a great motivator! I honestly would not have done it without him!

Hirushi, StudentVIP member
since February, 2018


Danny has been extremely helpful with my studies in finance. He breaks down each concept I've struggled with and gives clear and detailed explanation of the theory. He is also super organised and gave me extra practice questions on topics I found difficult. He also gave me tips for the final exam and I definitely wouldn't have made it without his help. Highly recommend him as a tutor!

Bernice, StudentVIP member
since January, 2019


A nice and patient tutor! Able to help you with essay writing and a lot of useful skills for this subject.

Anjun, StudentVIP member
since August, 2017


Really good and well organized tutor!

Ahmed, StudentVIP member
since May, 2018

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