I'm a UniMelb student studying Business.


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Started uni
- University of Melbourne Graduate [2017](Accounting & Finance).
- Unimelb Global US Scholar Student 2016.
- Full time Financial accountant (CPA Australia) & Professional Year (Accounting)
- Tutoring experience : 6+ years
-Students helped : 250+ students (Refernces/Excellent results available on request)
-University syllabus I have taught over the years : Unimelb, RMIT, Monash Uni, Swinburne, ANU,ACU, Bond University,UNSW, La Trobe University, University of South Australia and Southern Cross University.

Hello, my name is Tiffany and these are the ways I can help you in your studies.

-Able to answer your specific questions.
- Using real life examples to help you understand.
- Highlighting main points needed in the exam.
- Explain a problem with more steps.
- Let you know where you’re struggling and guide you through hard concepts.
-Able to interlink concepts so you don’t memorise.
- Daily support for quick questions that you struggle with.

- I am also CPA Australia accredited & also provide help with CPA accounting subjects if you want to accelerate your accounting accreditation.I have completed 6 papers over 3 semesters as of June 2018.


Subjects completed:
-Introductory Macroeconomics & Microeconomics & Introductory Econometrics & Quantitative Methods 1& Marketing
(Strong base in Economics as I have learnt the topics since Year 10 and College (Average of 88)

- Introductory Financial Accounting, Intermediate Financial Accounting, Cost Management,Accounting Processes & Analysis , & Financial Accounting Theory & Audit & Assurance Services.
(Average of 85)
(Strong base in Accounting as I have learnt in from College & audit experience, finished all CPA papers)

- Business Finance, Corporate Finance,Investments, Derivative Securities (Average 83) - interlinking so you dont have to memorise as much

-Business Law, Corporate Law & Tax Law
(Average of 87); can assist you in preparing for the examination with guidance for take-in notes. able to explain hard concepts due to completing CPA Advanced Taxation

-Global Management Consulting & Sports Coaching & Organisational Behaviour & Under Camera Animation & Criminal Law and Political Justice

- Location: City / Other areas ( factor of PTV costs)

Feel free just to enquire as you're a click away from better grades.




Tiffany is an absolute lifesaver! She has been my tutor for almost two years now and I couldn't have made it through several Economics and Finance subjects without her. She is patient and teaches you the shortcuts so you work smarter. Her tutoring style is proactive and she is very responsive. I cannot recommend her enough especially for core Economics, Finance and Accounting subjects! I averaged multiple H1s because of her.

S, StudentVIP member
since February, 2019


Tiffany was very patient and professional.
No matter how busy she got she was always very flexible with trying to find time to tutor you.
I had a lot of difficulties with learning math-based subject and she was the one who finally helped me to pass!
Would highly recommend her.

Natália, StudentVIP member
since August, 2017


I've tried tiffanys intense revision classes and within those 4 hours i actually understood what i needed for the course! Most stuff that she pinpointed came out in the exams. Definitely going back to her a little earlier this time, appreciate her as she literally saved my grade a week before the exam!

Jeremy, StudentVIP member
since November, 2019


As a tutor,Tiffany has this uncanny ability to clear my mental blocks on difficult accounting and finance subjects by breaking down complex problems into a simplier forms using work examples. Highly recommended

John, StudentVIP member
since September, 2019


Having Tiffany as my tutor for accounting subjects since the start of this year has deepen and broaden my accounting knowledge. She has given me tips on how to succeed exams and to obtain good results. I would recommend you to contact her as she clearly demonstrates her understanding in assisting you for exams, midsems, assignments and other assessments.

Lauren, StudentVIP member
since December, 2017


Using tiffany as a tutor for 3 semesters, i believe she has given me vital knowledge of what to expect for exams and exactly what do to and remember to get a great result.one of the best tutors from the tutors i tried and will continue to ask for classes from her

Caroline, StudentVIP member
since December, 2018