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Great unit with lots of resources available to you to help get through the content.

1 year ago


The unit teaches the basic mathematical skills required in undergraduate economics and finance. It h...

1 year ago


The primary emphasis is on understanding the statistical concepts and methods widely used in these d...

1 year ago


A 2nd year unit that requires knowledge from previous units and also provides new concepts and defin...

1 year ago


An intense unit that requires focus from students. Students needs to follow the requirement of the l...

1 year ago


An easy unit with a nice lecturer. However, the assignments are very difficult and requires lots of...

1 year ago


Difficult unit with many readings and research required.

1 year ago


Good unit quite interesting and valuable experience.

3 years ago


BFA391 is really useful unit. It's not really hard and boring like most people say. You just need to...

4 years ago

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