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Note: this course has been renamed 'Introductory Chemistry'. This was an infuriating unit. I did...

1 year ago


Interesting topics, but the workload is insane. It should really be split into two units. Good prepa...

3 years ago


Great subject. Builds on basic knowledge of dementia and inspires to learn more

6 years ago


Good course following on from the semester 1 unit. Focus is more on the body systems which makes it...

8 years ago


Great lecture series and slower pace for first year students. Lecturers understand not everyone has...

8 years ago


This is a challenging, but enjoyable Unit with a brilliant lecturer and insightful content.

8 years ago


Textbook really handy, used it a fair bit actually. You may THINK what you learn in this unit is poi...

10 years ago


Provides a good understanding of the community and assessment. Start the group assignment early so y...

10 years ago


Learn to reflect well in this subject because you're going to need to know how to do it properly for...

10 years ago


Lectures repeat from textbook, so you only really need to either read or listen. Mundane subject to...

10 years ago


Was probably the only student who enjoyed this subject. It's a breeze, nothing intensive to learn. T...

10 years ago


Listen to lectures online. They are your best source of knowledge and revision tool for exam. Attend...

10 years ago


Clinical Reasoning Cycle will become your worst enemy. Learn it well because it will transfer throug...

10 years ago


The essay is pretty straight-forward. Textbook comes in handy. Content learned is good for those wit...

10 years ago


The lecturer understands that each student learns in a different way and presents the information in...

10 years ago


Options for placement were local and provided a wide range- however they were generally useless plac...

10 years ago


I hated this subject with a passion because throughout the whole unit you think "WHY am I learning t...

10 years ago


The workshops are pretty good to get the hands on experience for duties you may not get a chance to...

10 years ago


Kind of a pointless subject as we don't learn paeds anywhere else. Nothing in depth, and not structu...

10 years ago


The major assessment isn't the best, and to be submitted at the worst time. But the tutor makes lear...

10 years ago


Workshops are amazing tools for learning. The lectures are best online.

10 years ago


Good hands on practical experience. Placement selections are great!

10 years ago

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