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Had the potential to be a great subject. However, it was taught so badly that nothing made sense. Th...

2 weeks ago


Driest content ever. Same course for years. Shouldn’t even be a unit.

1 month ago


This unit has the potential to be a great unit giving you the opportunity to learn valuable industry...

2 months ago


great introduction to econometrics. If you done basic statistics or data analysis then this should b...

3 months ago


easy HD unit. Although I didn't like the content very much nor the assessments. the unit itself is q...

4 months ago


pretty interesting unit, but the content is a little hard and you have to be on top of every work to...

4 months ago


easy HD and very engaging. the lecturer is very nice and the exam was pretty easy. but you do need t...

4 months ago


the lecturer and the tutor are both quite nice but they aren't very engaging with teaching. the cont...

4 months ago


great unit. easy to get HD if you do your weekly homeworks. but you need to study hard for exams and...

4 months ago


great unit. very easy HD. the essays are marked very easily. great tutors and lecturers.

4 months ago


the lecturer and the tutor are both very nice and friendly. they are willing to teach and always ask...

4 months ago


The unit is very interesting. It is not too hard to understand and the content is very repetitive. T...

4 months ago


lectures are confusing in terms of explanation, subtitles are needed to better understand the contex...

9 months ago


Loved this unit! Not only is it super important to learn about taxes, I found learning about the dif...

9 months ago


Personally really enjoyed this unit, only because I found it very relevant to everyday life as a con...

11 months ago


soooooo bad

11 months ago


Did not enjoy this unit at all. Terrible lectures, boring content, no guidance with assignments. If...

1 year ago


Unit is so stressful. I don't feel motivated to attend the class or learn. Also, seriously? No formu...

1 year ago


Worse unit

1 year ago


It really tests your financial understanding and good for building the basis of finance to explore f...

1 year ago


useless assessment, 45 sec for 10% lol. Assessment is not related to anything you learn from this un...

1 year ago


Weekly quiz and excel work was a bit hard at times. I felt like I was just given the answers without...

1 year ago


Exam is way too long. I couldn't even finish 1/3 of the questions. It doesn't help when there was on...

1 year ago


Personally disliked this unit and wouldn't ever want to do again. You are expected to work hard and...

1 year ago


Pretty good unit, interesting content and the lectures are decent. Group work was a pain (the age ol...

1 year ago

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