Ethical Theory and Business

Norman E. Bowie

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Ethical Theory and Business

Denis G. Arnold, Tom L. Beauchamp, Norman L. Bowie

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Ethical Theory and Business

Denis Gordon Arnold, Tom L. Beauchamp

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics Notes MGX3100 Monash

Written by Isabelle

Notes for Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics Notes (MGX3100) Monash completed in se...

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics Notes

Written by Jessica

Detailed corporate social responsibility and business ethics notes on every lecture per week of seme...

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Written by Ruby

These notes can act as a set of final exam study notes, in which i've summarised the key concepts pe...

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Written by Ruby

These notes were absolute life savers in the lead up to the exam. They essentially summarise the key...

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Lecture summaries MGX3100

Written by Juliet

Lecture summaries of main important points, including summaries of readings in some weeks.

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MGX3100 HD notes topic summaries 1-12

Written by Noah

These notes cover the weekly topics discussed throughout MGX3100; Topic 1-2: Ethical Theory Topic...

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MGX3100- CSR and Business Ethics Revision Notes (2017)

Written by Kit

Condensed Notes - Covering all relevant topics from MGX3100.

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Subject Summary

Written by Sim Yew

Summarised MGX3100 HD notes for effective and quick revision.

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Because of covid 19 the discussion tutorials for this subject have been replaced with written assessments - these are 500-1000 words, and you're required to argue for/against a particular issue. There's no individual feedback on these but the lecturer does provide some exemplars and a few general critiques of the cohort's work each week. There are also quizzes every week (these are quick but require a copy of the textbook), and an essay (2500 words) about Westpac negligence. Honestly this unit can be pretty dry at times and I wish we used more contemporary texts that addressed current issues, but the unit is straightforward, the exam is fair and the lecturer is quite nice.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

While the content was interesting and a bit thought-provoking, the tutorials were a drag. A normal tutorial would consist of going over the lecture content, some class discussion, application questions, group work etc. Tutorials for this unit involve a pair of students giving their own lecture with varied applications to an organisation, event or ethical dilemma (i.e. the group assignment) every week and everyone else sitting there pretending to listen.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

An interesting subject that forces you to question the ethics behind a lot of business related issues. This unit is offered at the Caulfield campus, but also as an international study abroad unit taught at the Monash Prato campus. I studied this at Prato and really benefited from the small class size and discussion based learning and would recommend it as a good winter unit option for anyone who wants to combine minimal study with a lot of travel opportunity!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2013