Strategic Marketing

K. J. Alsem, Dick R. Wittink

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Marketing Planning and Implementaion

Erica Brady

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Marketing Planning and Implementaion

Erica Brady

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Marketing Planning and Implementaion

Erica Brady

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MKF3121 marketing planning and implementation- all you need to know for the vivo voce exam

Written by Yi Hui

Key points to remember for the oral exam summarised readings - includes sample oral questions and...

47 pages, 5500 words

Marketing Planning and Implementraion Supplementary notes for exam revision

Written by Minh Thuy

Detailed notes curated specifically to understand MPI concepts for exam revision & assignment writin...

34 pages, 11661 words

Marketing Planning and Implementation HD Notes

Written by Damien

This document of summaries has been well-organised and set up in a way that is clear and easy to fol...

27 pages, 2264 words

MKF3121 comprehensive HD notes!

Written by Jess

Complete Monash University MKF3121 notes including relevant information for the entire course. A...

110 pages, 12355 words

MKF3121 Unit Summary Notes

Written by Chloe

Summary and overview of content and readings of the semester

57 pages, 4711 words

MPI possible exam questions with answers

Written by Karnteera

142 possible questions 29 pages

29 pages, 7000 words

Market Planning And Implementation Exam Notes

Written by Alex

Detailed exam notes for MKF3121, covering all relevant topics

27 pages, 4929 words

Collection of past viva voce questions (D)

Written by Kathrine

I collected these questions through asking students about what questions they took from the examiner...

30 pages, 16784 words

Marketing Planning and Implementation Viva Voice Notes

Written by Jonathan

The exam for this subject is oral examination. This is easy to do if the topics are well understood....

29 pages, 4847 words


Written by Maree

Great notes of all content covered in MKF3121 Marketing Planning and Implementation. Colour coate...

49 pages, 10315 words


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very hard subject, viva voce is only 30% of overall mark but very stressful. Hard assignments and waste a lot of time, also very strict with marking.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

Absolutely hated this unit, it was so stressful and took a large portion of my workload over the semester to get the assignments done. Only did it because it was compulsory otherwise would not recommend at all.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

The content and skills are useful but be prepared for the presentation as they're likely to interrogate you. The Viva Voce exam was also tough as some of the questions were overly specific. The video lectures were incredibly dry and my tutor was weirdly vague when answering questions and often avoided them or just didn't answer so be prepared to hound them for feedback on your ideas and work.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Tough subject. The workload was very heavy and the video lectures were very dry. I struggled with the Viva Voce exam as my questions were very difficult

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

It's really an interesting subject that will improve skills of transferring theory to real practice, although the workload is a little bit heavy.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015