Concise Australian Commercial Law

Clive Turner, John Trone, Roger Gamble

For sale by Dylan for $30

Business Law BTF1010 (a Custom Edition)

Gibson And Fraser

For sale by Sam for $40

Concise Australian Commercial Law

Clive Turner, John Trone, Roger Gamble

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Concise Australian Commercial Law

For sale by Amelia for $60

Concise Australian Commercial Law

Clive Turner, John Trone, Roger Gamble

For sale by Stefanie for $50

Concise Australian Commercial Law

Clive Turner, John Trone, Roger Gamble

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First Principles of Business Law

Michael A. Lambiris

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Law in Commerce, 6th Edition

B. Sweeney, J. O'Reilly, A. Coleman

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Concise Australian Commercial Law

Clive Turner, John Trone, Roger Gamble

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Concise Australian Commercial Law

Clive Turner, John Trone, Roger Gamble

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HD (90) BTF1010 Exam Notes

Written by Eshara

All content for the BTF1010 Business Law Exam including: - Australian Consumer Law - Law of Torts...

58 pages, 19031 words

Business Law *HD* Exam Notes (UP-TO-DATE)

Written by Cameron

These notes are designed to well equip you for the final exam, based on the content and additional c...

53 pages, 11052 words

Business Law HD NOTES for the exam

Written by Daniel

contents: - Comprehensive weekly lecture summary notes - All Topic relevant definitions & detailed...

25 pages, 15200 words

Business Law HD Quality Exam Summary Notes - BTF1010

Written by Tom

Overview of contents: - Comprehensive weekly lecture summary notes - Topic relevant definitions &...

29 pages, 9155 words

BTF1010 Business Law Notes

Written by Hannah

Full course complete and comprehensive notes for BTF1010, that helped me achieve a high grade averag...

21 pages, 12429 words

BTF1010 complete summary for exam

Written by Sarah

I compiled all necessary information for topic summary and the final exam, in which I got a distinct...

42 pages, 21247 words

BTF1010 Business Law Final Exam HD notes

Written by Noah

Having completed the unit in semester 2 of 2018, these notes provide a comprehensive outline of all...

79 pages, 21484 words

BTF1010 Comprehensive Business Law Reference Notes

Written by Catherine

Extensive summary notes based of "Business & Company Law 1st Ed". Includes topics: - Australian leg...

59 pages, 21883 words

Business Law BTF1010 Complete Notes for Mid-Semester and Exam Notes with Cases

Written by Alexandra

My notes cover all information assessed in the mid-semester test (weeks 3-5) and final exam (weeks 6...

77 pages, 26372 words

BTF1010 HD comprehensive course notes

Written by Jessica

Detailed course notes for everything you need to know about BTF1010. Contains week 1 to 12 content...

88 pages, 20708 words


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Chip away at the content every other day, ask questions in class and know the formatting of the exam and you can secure a solid grade for the unit.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

Reasonably alright content, particularly when the first assessment is a multiple choice quiz, however I feel mildly bias as I took the unit as an elective (not a business student) because of my interest in Law. Teaches a lot of transferable knowledge (particularly in areas of consumer law) so is quite a useful unit to take even if it is a core unit for you, might as well embrace it.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Gets very difficult. Both lectures and tutorials are boring. Extremely content heavy - you are screwed the moment you fall behind.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

You may find a few mixed reviews of this unit. The chief examiner the sem before was only there for one sem before Aashish took over. He's honestly changed this unit around when I compare my experience to some of my friends. From memory, the only assessment was the mid-sem test and the end of year exam with both being open book. I barely went to any of my classes (didn't like my tutor very much) but I found it was really doable as long as I listened to the seminars. He's a fantastic teacher and really comprehensive. You don't really need to remember the case studies in depth as long as you understand the key points/idea as all you'll do is briefly reference the case in examples. E.g. "The appropriate action to take is Y based on [Case X]" or something like that.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Really hard to stay on track and understand the content through lectures and notes. However this is easily remedied as the lecturer bases all exam questions on the tutorial exercises provided. All you need to do is memorise all the answers to these tutorial questions and you can achieve 100% on the exam (exact same numbers and wording from tutorial questions used in exams so answers are exactly the same)

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

In this subject the book is your best friend. To do well you have to go through it and almost memorise the content, especially the relevant cases. It also helps to practise writing answers to case questions and going to consultations. The content is pretty interesting and has a lot of real life applications which helps with the learning process.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

Didn't feel like the subject was executed well, didn't enjoy the tutorials or the content. It was hard to keep up and understand the content week to week.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2013

For BTF1010, it's all about keeping up each week and understanding the materials thoroughly. If you miss out readings for 3+ weeks, it gets really difficult to keep up as cases pile up pretty quickly. Making brief case summaries as you go is recommended, it helps immensely during your final exam prep! Overall it is a great subject, course content is quite interesting, you will find lots of real life application along the way! :)

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

For BTF1010, you're pretty much on your own from day one. I recommend keeping up with the weekly readings as otherwise it gets really difficult to catch up. The mid semester exam is closed book and takes up a chunky 35%, and many will find it difficult if they are not good with remembering cases. I recommend making case summaries as you read each chapter as it will be very helpful during the final exam. Good Luck!!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014