I'm a Macq. student studying Business.


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Reliable, responsible, and readily accessible.

Looking for a friendly tutor who can help you achieve your goals?

Hi, I'm Mike, and I would love to be the person to help you achieve your academic potential. I am doing my Masters of Accounting in CPA Program at the moment.

Why might I be able to help you?

I'm an easy-going tutor who is an academic achiever (average D for Macquarie subjects with HDs for CPA E&G, SMA and D for CPA FR), but also an appreciation of the stress that students face, particularly in their senior years. Thus, I feel well-placed to guide you through your final year(s), as somebody who understands what it's like to face and conquer the final exams, without compromising on life.

I have helped many friends who failed or did not score good marks in their previous tests/exams to pass or even Credit/Ds in the next tests/exams.

My teaching method is tailored to each person, but generally focus on problem-solving skills. I offer a clear picture of the key contents, then break down into smaller bits so that you will easily understand the concepts and questions being asked.

* Individual rate: $35 per hour (rates can be negotiated depending on your needs - few lessons or long term tuition)
* Group rate: cheaper, depending on the group size. Contact me directly for more info.

I tutor at the University Library but willing to travel a reasonable distance if given enough advance notice


English, Vietnamese