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PHIL1011 Uni. of Sydney

A fulfilling unit for lovers of philosophy. Reality and ethics were great, the lecturers for those t...

3 days ago

CHNS1102 Uni. of Sydney

This is a really fun subject, although i think it was a very past-paced learning experience, it is w...

5 days ago


Entertaining unit - could do with a broadening beyond travel writing.

6 days ago


A very thorough introduction to writing at academic level. Highly engaging lecturer.

6 days ago

ATS1903 Monash Uni.

Although the content was interesting (to someone who loves literature), it may be boring to those wh...

1 week ago

ATS1338 Monash Uni.

Such a great unit, really interesting lecturers and tutors and you could really see their passion. A...

1 week ago

ATS1353 Monash Uni.

Although the content was relatively easy to understand and kind of relevant, the tutors and lectures...

1 week ago

ATS1281 Monash Uni.

From experience, the tutors at Caulfield were not the best. However, although there are many theorie...

1 week ago

100968 WSU

Absolutely hated this class.. don't see the point of it.. Never been so happy to pass a unit so I kn...

1 week ago

100846 WSU

Loved this class

1 week ago

MUSI10017 Uni. of Melbourne

A fun and easy breath subject. The tutors are super nice. The assignments are simple and straightfor...

2 weeks ago

GEN110 Macquarie

Good unit - broadens your view; downside; if you ain't good at writing essays and forget/don't have...

2 weeks ago

GEOG30021 Uni. of Melbourne

I really enjoyed this subject. It opened my eyes to a lot of the human issues and causes surrounding...

2 weeks ago

ECON1001 Uni. of Sydney

Pretty good subject. Some concepts are initially challenging, but if you are persistent and ask help...

2 weeks ago


Extremely theory based subject. Requires you to just stay up to date wit assessments and write essay...

2 weeks ago

SOCI10001 Uni. of Melbourne

This subject was absolutely amazing, whilst readings were dry at time the lectures were engaging and...

2 weeks ago

HIST10014 Uni. of Melbourne

great tutors, okay subject, readings can be tedious and dry at times

2 weeks ago

MULT10016 Uni. of Melbourne

just no, don't even bother

2 weeks ago

CRIM10001 Uni. of Melbourne

great subject, amazing lecturer, however, tutors are horrible and readings were dry and unintersting

2 weeks ago

LNGS1001 Uni. of Sydney

A throughly enjoyable unit! I chose it as a first semester elective in a Science degree and ended up...

2 weeks ago

ARIN6901 Uni. of Sydney

Hey! this is a call for people that have already taken this course. If any of you have printed the r...

2 weeks ago

COMU1002 Uni. of Qld

I liked COMU1002. It was really easy and most of it was common sense. An easy pass

2 weeks ago

POLS1201 Uni. of Qld

I really liked POLS1201. The course was interesting and the lecturer explained things really clearly...

2 weeks ago

MDIA 1002 Uni. of Adelaide

Really not what you'd expect this topic to be like. The first quiz was unreasonable as it was only o...

2 weeks ago