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SPAN 2101 Uni. of Adelaide

Great subject, very simplified way of learning a slightly more advanced grammer, moving into the sub...

1 day ago

ENGL1018 Uni. of Sydney

Kimberly Knight, the tutor and lecturer for this unit was phenomenal. Made the work accessible and w...

2 days ago

ENGL1002 The Uni. of Western Australia

Great unit! Did this as an elective and loved it! I didn't find the readings too big, often just som...

1 week ago


One of the best subjects I did in my undergrad. I highly recommend it!

1 week ago

DEVT10001 Uni. of Melbourne

Very interesting topics and lectures were engaging. However there was very little guidance in assess...

1 week ago

SOCI10002 Uni. of Melbourne

Really enjoyed this subject! My tutor was fantastic and kept the discussions relevant to and engagin...

2 weeks ago

ANCW30017 Uni. of Melbourne

Loved this class! The weekly assignments kept me on top of the material and the tutorial discussions...

2 weeks ago

ANCW30004 Uni. of Melbourne

Such a great subject! The material and coursework are engaging and challenging.

2 weeks ago

POLS2207 Uni. of Qld

Great subject, the topic was incredibly interesting! Andrew was a great lecturer, if not a bit dry a...

2 weeks ago

POLS2201 Uni. of Qld

The topics are really interesting and while the lecturer is quite engaging, he can be a bit harsh in...

2 weeks ago

POLS1501 Uni. of Qld

Seb was absolutely amazing, one of the most engaging lecturers I've ever had, you can tell he is sup...

2 weeks ago

ATS1326 Monash Uni.

Super great follow up to ATS1325. It was fantastic to be able to apply the topics that we learned in...

2 weeks ago

ATS1325 Monash Uni.

One of my favourite subjects to this day! Super informative, my tutor was an absolute legend, and wh...

2 weeks ago

LAWS1112 The Uni. of Western Australia

This unit is AMAZING! Kate offers such great insight into the practical functions of law. Every week...

2 weeks ago

GEND10001 Uni. of Melbourne

Engaging lectures and jam packed with readings, so be prepared for that. I was lucky enough to have...

1 month ago

GEOG10003 Uni. of Melbourne

Content is really easy and tutorials analyse the course content at length. The readings are quite in...

1 month ago

FINA20044 Uni. of Melbourne

I did this subject during the Summer term as an intensive breadth subject. It was super enjoyable an...

1 month ago

HIST20068 Uni. of Melbourne

This subject is not easy, and I think you should be versed in the basic events of the French Revolut...

1 month ago

HIST20060 Uni. of Melbourne

I agree with previous review, mark and Oleg are great people and university staff. I found this subj...

1 month ago


This subject is awesome and the lecturer is wonderful, knowledgeable, approachable and provides real...

1 month ago


Personally, I wasn’t a massive fan of this course. I enjoyed the texts but there were way too many a...

1 month ago

ASNS2642 Uni. of Sydney

Very structured class with all information about learning outcomes and assessments provided very ear...

1 month ago

HPSC10001 Uni. of Melbourne

This subject was super interesting! Learning about the history of the development of science and phi...

1 month ago

COMM2001 The Uni. of Western Australia

I love Tauel, and content taught was very interesting. Workload was manageable.

1 month ago

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