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101948 WSU

You do the unit because you have to (as part of a linguistics major), not because you want to - that...

12 hours ago

ECOP1001 Uni. of Sydney

Very well structured and insightful into different schools of economic thought. There were no final...

14 hours ago

PHIL20040 Uni. of Melbourne

This class changed my perspective completely. One of the best I've ever taken. If you enjoy probing...

15 hours ago

SLSS1001 Uni. of Sydney

Interesting content and lectures. Enjoyed this subject!

1 day ago

SCLG1001 Uni. of Sydney

Thoroughly enjoyed this subject! Teachers are awesome and have a genuine interest in helping their s...

1 day ago

ANTH1001 Uni. of Sydney

Interesting subject!

1 day ago

crim10001 Uni. of Melbourne

This subject was quite dry, and I found myself fast forwarding the lectures online to get through th...

2 days ago

MULT10014 Uni. of Melbourne

Really hated this class, easily my least favourite subject, really wish I chose a different atta fou...

2 days ago

ENGL1011 Uni. of Sydney

A really fun unit, great for giving you confidence in your own ideas. I'd recommend it to anyone vag...

3 days ago

ARHT1001 Uni. of Sydney

Mark De Vitis is a great lecturer, I learnt a lot about close visual analysis and the later topics (...

3 days ago

ATS2113 Monash Uni.

Bu Yacinta was incredible and made the subject really interesting! She works you hard in the worksho...

4 days ago

MULT20003 Uni. of Melbourne

This was the worst subject I have taken so far at uni. Poorly organised, lack of guidance for the in...

4 days ago

UNIB10014 Uni. of Melbourne

A great endeavour into the workings and interdependencies of P, P and E. I thought this would be a l...

6 days ago

MECM20010 Uni. of Melbourne

The found the subject to be very bland, and poorly structured. Very little information was provided...

1 week ago

ATS2193 Monash Uni.

Culture content can seem irrelevant, but make sure you watch and understand all the movies! Also don...

1 week ago

ATS2706 Monash Uni.

Very interesting, but a content heavy subject. I had Remy as my lecturer and tutor, and his humour i...

1 week ago

101682 WSU

Interesting Unit and easy!

1 week ago

ATS2706 Monash Uni.

The most interesting international relations/politics unit I have taken as of yet. Content heavy, ho...

1 week ago

LING30012 Uni. of Melbourne

Interesting but doesn't feel as 'hard facts' as some other subjects.

1 week ago

LING30007 Uni. of Melbourne

First two assessments are very relevant to the content, the final essay seems to have no/very little...

1 week ago

CHIN20003 Uni. of Melbourne

Wouldn’t recommend for westerners who are truly learning Chinese as a second language! The vocab was...

1 week ago

MECM20006 Uni. of Melbourne

Too much theory and I did not gain much practical knowledge from this subject

1 week ago

HIST1001 The Uni. of Western Australia

It was a good started in general history, but the issues were 1) too much content trying to be cover...

1 week ago

POLS10003 Uni. of Melbourne

It was a good subject and I feel like I have learned things of value. Lucas is the best tutor ever.

1 week ago

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