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Ruth was a WONDERFUL lecturer. So organised, prepared, funny, and got the most out of every class. S...

7 months ago


This subject was pretty painful. The classes were mostly table discussions or one person talking wit...

7 months ago


If you want to gain a rich, valuable understanding of music, then take another class. This class con...

11 months ago


This was such a fun class and has inspired me to keep working on my Spanish. The staff are amazing.

3 years ago


Laura was a very strict teacher but that can be a good thing because then it forces you to complete...

4 years ago


Not well designed for International Studies students, overly focused on surveys/social work-style st...

5 years ago


This was a pretty fun subject. Involved a lot of filming videos on Vine, looking at things different...

6 years ago


This is an engaging class that I really enjoyed. I liked reading a wide range of literature and lear...

6 years ago


I loved Film TV 1. Coordinators and tutors are excellent and gave us all the information and trainin...

6 years ago


Fun course, let's you create and control a project from start to finish and gives you all the tools...

6 years ago

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