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I enjoyed how straight forward this course was when it came to what it wanted from you. The assignme...

11 months ago


Chris has done a fantastic job with this course. It is engaging, interesting, challenging, and well-...

1 year ago


Merv is a great teacher who is obviously genuinely passionate about the content. The content is high...

1 year ago


This is an excellent subject, the highlight of 3rd year psychology. James Collett is an excellent te...

1 year ago


I think Alex may be one of the best coordinators/lecturers I've had at RMIT. The content is so inter...

2 years ago


Just go through the exam content and practice questions supplied. Perform well in all other smaller...

6 years ago


Quite challenging if you don't do the readings. It's a lot, but it will help you a lot for the exam/...

6 years ago


Perform well in the performance assessment. Understand the exam content and practice all questions s...

6 years ago


Again, just focus on exam related questions/content. Try to perform well in small assessments as we...

6 years ago


Do all your readings as they are very important for the online assessments. Try to perform well in t...

6 years ago


Review and do all exam related content/questions. Try to perform well in the performance assessment...

6 years ago


well constructed unit, precise and clear in requirements, excellent lecturer in A/Prof Phil Maude

7 years ago


Great, helpful staff. Very interesting subject with great content

8 years ago


An enjoyable subject to attend, although maybe should not be a subject all on its own.

8 years ago

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