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Challenging but interesting

1 year ago


Builds on the basics from statics.

1 year ago


Awesome subject, introduces all the basic essentials for structural eng. The group project can be co...

1 year ago


This was a great introduction course to Analog & Digital Signals and Systems. Definitely not a bulgi...

3 years ago


This course is about exploring the use of the Web as a publishing media for maps and 3D geographical...

4 years ago


If only Katrina had taught the entire course and written the entire exam. Jochen was absolutely no h...

5 years ago


Intro to embedded systems was a hugely enjoyable subject if you understood the subject material. The...

5 years ago


The lectures were absolutely useless. Not a lot of the teams were given much guidance and felt very...

5 years ago


Not too tough if you have a good understanding of the basics, and can deal with a bit of pressure in...

6 years ago


Poorly/strangely organised but pretty basic stuff.

6 years ago


Not too bad if you get your head around the basics. You can be walking into the final pretty comfort...

6 years ago


The course doesn't seem that well organised, but it's not hard to do well if you take the time to un...

6 years ago


Easy HD if you stay on top of assignment and oral presentation.

7 years ago

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